It would be awesome if everyone from Beatles songs, like Desmond, Molly, Maxwell, Lucy and such, were real people, amirite?
@GypsyJones Really??? I read that Paul got Eleanor from actress Eleanor Bron (she was Ahme in Help!) and Rigby from a shop...

He did get Rigby from the store, and Eleanor from Eleanor Bron...but there is a grave that says Eleanor Rigby, and he said he might've subconsciously remembered that name or something. What a coincidink!

It would be awesome if everyone from Beatles songs, like Desmond, Molly, Maxwell, Lucy and such, were real people, amirite?
People who don't live in your country seem to have very untrue beliefs about your country, amirite?
On that show toddlers in tiaras when the little girl screams and asks you to stop, it does not mean " oh she is just being a diva". No means no. That is Beauty Pageant rape. amirite?
@Rainbow35 I don't get it. Screams and asks you to stop doing what?

They want their parents to stop making them wear heels, wax their eyebrows, and get spray tans.

Owl City is a bit overrated, Eagle Village is where its at, amirite?
@open_mind_open_soul What is the joke? I feel stupid.

Eagle Village, like owl city.
Think it over. You'll get it.

You have a favorite country, amirite?

I like the countries in the British Isles ^^

Singers shouldn't have to be beyond gorgeous. Their job is to sing, not look good, amirite?
The 1950's were adorable - the music, the clothing, the general attitude, amirite?

I agree...

but the 60s is where it's at B)

You love it when a CD connects the tracks together by moving the beat from one song to the next. amirite?
Most people like music out of conformity: your parents like it, or your friends like it, or you saw that it was no.1 in the charts so you decided to listen to it. Listen to some different genres and you might find there are some more bands you like - we should think for ourselves, amirite?
@__________ Four Seasons, LRB, Journey, Billy Joel, Hall and Oates.

Are you talking about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons?

I'd be kind of sad if I were November. Everyone's upset when November comes because it means Halloween's over, then everyone's just hoping it'll go by quickly so we can listen to Christmas songs and put up decorations and celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah and all that. No one really enjoys November all that much. amirite?
You started doing drugs when you heared Miley did, because she's your role model. amirite?
There's something very wrong about a crowd of teenagers screaming for a DJ to play the Fall Out Boy version of Beat It, rather than by Michael Jackson, amirite?
@Nicole_Anonymous @908926 (K): I don't think MJ is as good as everyone thinks either.

(Originality_is_Dead)@908996 (Nicole_Anonymous): Same here. I think he's kind of overrated.

Today, kids are using 1" styrofoam balls in gym for dodgeball. What happened to just playing, scraping your knee, falling. Getting dirty. amirite?

In my elementary school we had these extremely soft balls and when we played dodgeball...we couldn't even throw the ball. We had to roll it. .-.