If you forget your lunch money, a good friend will lend you some, a best friend will also lend you some, because your best friend isn't an asshole, amirite?

If you drop your books, a good friend will kindly pick them up for you, but a BEST friend will pee on them, push you down some stairs set your dog on fire and rape your mom. BECAUSE THAT'S JUST WHAT BEST FRIENDS DO.

You are dying to hear someone who doesn't speak English try and mimic it... Like Americans trying to do Chinese... Chung how pow lung sop tree laow! amirite?

According to my Japanese Global teacher they make fun of our language like this "She che he sha shoo shaw". Apparently we use that sound a lot.

Don't diss AOL... They put the whole Internet on a disk! amirite?

I'm 'bout to go hunt yo' damn kindergarten teacher down 'cause bitch did NOT teach yo' ass or nothin' 'bout how to EE-NUN-SEE-ATE yo' damn ABC'S. EASY AS 1-2-3.

Shit, gurl.

You'd have sex with Oprah if you could, amirite?

Josh Nichols? Is that you?!

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Blind people: You can't see this post, amirite?

I'm a blind person and I'm offended! Um, I mean... ;aowefnivjna;slkdfjbn al;sdkfn v

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Go to Google Translate and type in "Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty" then translate English to Vietnamese Copy and paste the Vietnamese words and translate Vietnamese back to English, amirite?

Go to the Armenian part of Google Translator and type in "stop fucking telling me to do shit on Google translator", type the resulting characters into the French translator backwards, wait two weeks, and then go lick a cactus.

If it came down to a scenario where only you or your unborn baby would live, you'd choose the baby's life over yours, amirite?

You're just bitter because of Global Warming.

Canadians: you hate Russia right now, amirite?

I thought they went to war.

Anne Frank was the most inspiring Muslim story you've ever heard, amirite?