The capitalist / free market sounds great as an idea but it has lead us to monopolies controlling every industry. amirite?
If reincarnation is real your odds of coming back as something besides an insect of some sort is extremely low, as they make up 80% of all living things. Remember that next time you go to kill one... amirite?

ticks and mosquitoes are the only living creatures i will not hesitate in killing

Anyone living within the 4th dimension can be looking over us and we would never know, amirite?

They're watching you fap.

We've probably seen & interacted with countless ghosts throughout our lives but don't know it because they weren't the stereotypical, "scary, demon look alike." They appeared & acted like any other human. amirite?

I've never heard one of those stories.

All fish live above ground. amirite?

Cave fish live underground.

Losing against someone 10-9 feels way worse than losing 10-2, amirite?

I think that might just be you

Packages never get delivered in the morning. amirite?

Packages get delivered at all times of the day, but the route to your house from the shipment center never changes. So if there are several hours worth of deliveries before you, you always get a delivery window in the afternoon.

‘Day After Tomorrow' is going to happen. In different ways and in different places-but it's happening. Have you ever in your lifetime witnessed so many natural disasters occur so closely together? Neither have your parents or grandparents. amirite?
@Im pretty high right now

Nice to meet you pretty high right now, my name is pooper

Parkinson's disease is body tourrettes. amirite?

i mean..... i.... i guess lol

Girls can wear guys clothes and still look good, but guys can have long hair and look good. amirite?
@Mcgee0 I don't think you understand the point you're trying to make.

I don't think I understand the point they're trying to make.

The only things that can rise from the dead are electrical machines. amirite?

Except for the ones with the ghost in them

There was a woman with the biggest pair of titties you'll ever see in your life but you probably don't even remember her, amirite?

Unless...I am her.

Not many people would want a hippopotamus for Christmas anymore, amirite?

Hungry Hippos game is still pretty fun.

When men fart around each other it's funny, when a woman farts around men it's disgusting, amirite?

Nah, it's funny