A glitch has turned every day into weekend. amirite?

It probably doesn't feel like much of a weekend for those people who are now without a paycheck. Or for those on the front lines, either in the hospitals or in grocery or food delivery.

It's not a weekend for people like me, who are working from home. It may sound great to work from home, but doing so leaves me without a lot of the physical resources and immediate feedback, making it an odd mix of pleasant and highly inconvenient.

There is going to be a boom in haircuts done by mothers. amirite?

I was contemplating on doing it myself. I'm sure I'll regret it immediately

Thermometers are one of the few objects that can be used rectally and then orally almost immediately after. amirite?

My ex used to enjoy being used anally and then orally immediately after. IJS

One day, a smartphone camera will be better than our eyesight. amirite?

All cameras are better than my eyesight

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?

I see 23 yr olds talking about promotions . When I was 23 (2008) jobs didn't exist, let alone promotions

You must be a virgin, huh?

There are thousands of insane parents not letting their kids leave the house. amirite?

Literally my mom right now not even sick can't even go to a friends place.

We mostly care for animals that looks "cute" like dogs, cats etc. But we have no mercy in killing "ugly" animals like spiders. amirite?

Spiders are not animals.
They are monsters.

The "gifted" classmates in grade-school, were the kids that had good parents and a stable home environment. amirite?

Not 100% of the time but on average yes they are more likely to succeed.

More AK47 rounds have been fired wildly into the air than at actual targets, amirite?

Who's to say that sand particle chilling wasn't the target

If you hold your head, you'll be holding one of the most intricate objects the universe has created. amirite?

well, OP's is a bit empty, you see

Gravity is heavier when you first wake up. amirite?

Gravity doesn't weigh anything. Gravity causes weight, but doesn't weigh anything. Maybe gravity is more strong, but but heavy.

If Mandalorians are not allowed to take off their Helmets in front of anyone else or let them remove them, then the Barbershop Business on Mandalore must've really Tanked. amirite?

Or run by droids.

Flu is a virus we haven't named yet... amirite?
Theee is a very small chance you may be related to the first people on earth. amirite?

Everyone had to come from someone who was first but there could've been multiple first people.. some in Africa, some in Asia, some in Europe that developed at the same time