Should hackers who put a virus on your computer get the death penalty?

Maybe not the death penalty, that seems harsh. Would you give someone death penalty for trespassing or even robbery? That's basically what hacking is

Don't eat your breakfast!

It gets your metabolism started so your body is less likely to store the food you eat throughout the day as fat. And there are indeed credible studies to back that up.

The World would be a better place with one government.

I don't see how one group, no matter how big, could effectively govern the entire planet. A LOT would slip through the cracks.

That only makes sense if you don't believe in religion. If you do believe in it, why would you intentionally raise your kids in a way you think is wrong? Not to say you should shut them off from other religions or teach them to be close minded, but you should raise them in the way you see is right.

If all people in the world were given an equal share of money and goods, they would all do equally well with it.
@freespeechfreelancer Do you feel or believe that others should be taken away from or forced to give them that chance?

Not necessarily. LIke, I don't necessarily believe in things like overtaxing the rich in order to spend on the poor because those types of policies feel like bandaid solutions to me. I believe in investing in things like education and the like. Public services like that increase everyone's "resources" and gives them the chance to do better for themselves

Plural Marriage will become more popular

I don't know about Australia, but I think in the US at least, people tend to be more possessive of their spouses than polygamy would allow them to be. I don't see it catching on here in the near future.

Haven't seen this one yet, it's old but good: Three people share a hotel room and pay $30 ($10 each). The clerk realizes that the room is only $25. He gives a bellboy $5 to return to them. They let him (bellboy) keep $2 and they take $1 each. So the men actually spent $27 and the bellboy kept $2. What happened to the other dollar from the original $30?

It's because you're counting the bellboy's tip twice. The $27 the men spent includes the $2 the bellboy kept, so adding it up that way is redundant.

DNA is merely science's version of preordained destiny.

I don't think any scientist would say you're forced to do something coded in your genes. The word I always hear used is "pre-disposed". Like they say, it's not nature vs. nurture, it's nature AND nurture

Is "Money" actually root of all evil?

No, I've always thought money in and of itself is neutral. It doesn't make you do anything. It's greed that causes a person to put money over everything else.

If all people in the world were given an equal share of money and goods, they would all do equally well with it.

Yeah, I don't think everyone would do equally well. But I do think everyone deserves the chance to do well.

Adults are holding children, waiting their turn. The children are handed (one at a time, usually) to a man, who holds them while a woman shoots them. If the child is crying, the man tries to stop the crying before the child is shot.

They're getting their vaccinations

Chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla ice cream, amirite?

Chocolate. Every time. yum smilie

People need to realize love is just a bonus to life, you don't need it to live.

If you're talking about romantic love, I agree. If you're talking about love in general, I strongly disagree.

You miss the old days when people created original posts, drew their own pictures and discussed topics. Now it seems everything is canned, copied, bland, and boring.

A hundred times yes.

I know my account is brand new, but I've actually been visiting this site account-less for years. The posts have definitely declined in value in my opinion.

Domestic dogs and cats are doing pretty well.