Leaf blowers are 100 times more annoying than a buildup of dead leaves and they should be banned from residential areas, amirite?

A few leaves is a mild inconvenience. A lot of leaves will smother the lawn and breed insects. You'll have a mud pit after a few years.

Cucumber Gatorade is the best flavor, amirite?

I tried it and I literally gagged. I'm glad somebody on this planet likes it lmfao

"I didn't do nothing" is a stupid sentence. amirite?

Can't take anyone seriously who is lazy enough to use double negatives.

Latin Americans complaining that people from the US call themselves American is kind of pathetic. amirite?
Europe really can't criticise Brazil for what they're doing to the Amazon when basically every single natural forest in Europe has been cut down, amirite?

I'm my country, Italy, forests doubled in the last 80 years, +20% in the last 10 years alone and now they cover 40% of national territory. You should study more.

It's ok to not want your partner to be constantly farting and burping, amirite?

burping and farting is disgusting, i don't care if it's a normal bodily function. it smells and sounds nasty. my entire family thinks farts are the most hilarious thing to exist, and will happily let it rip while eating dinner. makes me lose my appetite entirely

Sideshows (groups of teenagers cutting off traffic and drifting in intersections) are not a detriment to society, amirite?
@Alixkast If it would work, I don't see why not!

I don't think it would work because part of the thrill is shutting down the public intersection in the face of the public

Cheating is fine as long as you don't get caught. amirite?

"People incapable of feeling guilt usually do have a good time." - Rust Cohle, True Detective

There should be a time limit on how many years can decide to report a late crime. amirite?

i'm pretty sure there is

Being physically attractive in a relationship is important, amirite?
The notion of "no pain, no gain" is a dangerous myth that can leave individuals with irreparable physical damage - Rest and recovery are just as important as exercise, amirite?

I mean technically speaking it just means you need to push your muscles to failure in order for them to sctually grow. That is where you will experience a certain amount of pain.

The only way to get through life is to become crazy, amirite?
Football would be a great deal more enjoyable to watch without the constant prattle of sports announcers, amirite?

The manning cast cures this issue.

It's interesting how conspiracy theorist us numerology of 666 to prove something is evil, but don't use numerology of 777 to prove something is good. amirite?

I need to change the spelling of my middle name so my first middle and last names all have 7 letters, I'm the Jewish son of a carpenter. That change would make me the Messiah

It's Türkiye not Turkey. amirite?

Seems kinda weird that we have to call them by their Turkish language name. Most countries names are spelled and pronounced differently depending on the language. We don't call Japan Nippon or India Hindustan