Rap music, as a whole, is misunderstood.
@JohnT I think the majority of it is understood and is still crap.

That's if you don't understand the culture behind the music. If you don't understand rap culture or truly analyze what makes it the way it is, you will continue to misunderstand most rap music and only base you opinions off of what you hear on the radio.

No. This could be exploited & on a mass scale it could sway elections.

Who is this?

This is you. This is me. And we are HiiiPower.


We live in a world of individuals, guys.

If you had easy access to a 'blow up the whole world' button, you would have pressed it eventually, amirite?

The lack of hope that some of you guys show is concerning.

It is impossible for a normal human being to not have any ambition.
It is impossible for a normal human being to not have any ambition.
It is impossible for a normal human being to not have any ambition.
Did you know that as of the end of 2013 there were 13,970,000 vacant houses (abandoned) in the USA and a whopping 633,782 homeless people! Twenty-two houses per person. You've got to love capitalism and greedy banks - it is far better to let them sit empty then it is to give them to the poor. After all the poor didn't "earn" them.

The numbers of homeless people can't possibly be accurate.

If you start to feel old, think about 5 years from now. 5 years from now you will wish you were the age that you are today.

When I'm 21, I'll want to be 16?? I don't know....

If you were drifting off in space in a spacecraft enjoying the view what would be on your music playlist, matching what you would be feeling?

Banana by Isaiah Rashad.

"We are the young and Xanax."

Value has to be judged. If no one notices your value, it's worthless. Kind of like having billions of dollars for a country that doesn't exist.

do you think that over time humans will breed out smart people.

Well. Are smart people born or crafted?

Their needs to be a "French Revolution" in the USA!

Except we can't become as nationalistic and militaristic as they were. We know how this ended for France.

How could we unite across countries/Races/Religion to save this planet? Are we really killing planet earth in foresight of usurping wealth?

The only way we will unite is if something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel happened.