People enjoy me yet cry before me. What am I?


Science is compatible with Religion
@freespeechfreelancer If they absolutely are NOT compatible, then how did the God believing Creationism scientists live and get through...

Scientists can be wrong. They're human. The one thing we are good at is rationalizing. They have rationalized what they believe. Just like every single one of us does (or is trying to).

You know someone's a 90s kid when they don't shut up about it, amirite?

In order to be a 90's kid, you need to be born in the 80's.
I was born in 1984, and I'm certainly not an 80's kid, since I could only remember the last 2 years of the 80's, and I don't consider them that memorable.
70's Babies are 80's Kids.
80's Babies are 90's Kids.
90's Babies are 2000's Kids.

1980-1982 are the first group of the 90's Kids, considering that they were legal adults in 2000.

1983-1987 are the core group of the 90's Kids, considering that they were the 13-17 age group in 2000.

1988-1989 are the last group of the 90's Kids, considering that they were preteens in 2000.

Anyone born in the 90's is a 2000's kid.
1990-1992 is the first group, 1993-1997 is the core group, and 1998-1999 is the last group.

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I went into the new year with a bang if you know what I mean ;) if you don't, I was having sex.

A sheep was in the field and it just vanished. How can that be?


If you were stuck on an Island what would you bring with you (only one and say why in comments)
Who do you like best?

What about respectable music artists?

What is your favorite brand of jeans?

The ones I can afford

Virginity is more of an accomplishment than a failure. It's not hard to lose it; there's always some promiscuous or drunk person who'll have sex with you. It's so much harder to contain your hormones and emotions and maintain your integrity, especially if you're with someone you really like, amirite?
@1711363 okay point it out more...

The Little Mermaid just wouldn't have been the same if Ariel was fat, amirite?

We should all post irrelevant cat pictures.

The Little Mermaid just wouldn't have been the same if Ariel was fat, amirite?
@Statefarm She probably ate Sebastian.

More like Sebastian and his entire family.
And Ursula.

@jykjlw2 In the movie Cinnamon sneaks in the pin, in the book you are allowed to have a token.

*Cinna hahahaha my phone automatically changes it to cinnamon hahahahaha

Religions attempts to rationalize the unexplainable. All these insane rationalizations are eventually disproved. Before weather science, religions claimed the cause of natural disasters was the sole result of the will of God. Before evolution was adopted as a factual process by rational humans, theists believed God created each individual separately. One day, the creation of the universe will have an irrefutable scientific explanation. The only question is what religions will grasp at then.
@Fair enough. I think as the world progresses people realize that god existing doesn't make sense but If he doesn't...

The point of life is to live it. Realizing we only have a finite amount of time to be alive allows us to not waste our only known life with hopes for an infinite life in Heaven.

Even without God there are still goals to aim for: success, wealth, love, and happiness.

You know something terrible is happening when your doctor hands you your prescription and says "YOLO", amirite?

YAY!!! <3 Congrats Lucy! <3

Guys: For those of us who haven't, you really look forward to giving oral sex to a girl, amirite?