New Year's Resolution: continue to be right, amirite?
Person 1."I love Nirvana!" Person 2."What is your favorite song of theirs?" Person 1."Smells Like Team Spirit." Any real Nirvana fan then punches the first person in the face, amirite?
Everyone on American coins are facing forward, except for Lincoln. I guess you never get over being shot from behind, amirite?

It's a circle... there is no forward...

the fully sick rapper is fully sick! amirite?
Lost hikers: "I WHIP MY FLARE BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY FLARE BACK AND FORTH..." Horses: "I WHIP MY MARE BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY MARE BACK AND FORTH..." Douchebags: "I WHIP MY PAIR BACK AND FORTH I WHIP MY PAIR BACK AND FORTH..." People could have more fun with this than they had with the opening line of Dynamite, amirite?

stewie: I hhhhwhhip my hair back and forth.

Fortune cookies rarely, if ever, tell you your fortune. They're usually full of lame sayings instead, amirite?

my brother and I call them lecture cookies

Anthony should make a "Sexism" category for posts. amirite?

and why is this under food?

Even today in America, where we have a half black president and 'racial equality' blacks are still put in prison more often and die earlier than whites. Young black men are more likely to end up in prison than to graduate college. And the leading cause of death for black men under thirty is homicide. So please don't say that racial justice has been achieved and racial equality is a dead movement, amirite?
@runnerdude To address all your points: Blacks are put in prisons more often for crimes they commit. Blacks die earlier, well...

These are problems and we can fix them. You can't just say "They should apply for college." Something is obviously keeping them from doing that, or else they would. Minorities are disenfranchised in the United States. A disproportionately large amount can't afford college.

When two people are going out or are married or engaged, it bothers you when the guy is either shorter or younger, amirite?

im a short boy, If I had to follow this "rule" how would i ever find a wife

It is impossible to be unique nowadays. Everything has already been done. amirite?

"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899

It is impossible to be unique nowadays. Everything has already been done. amirite?
A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on it's shoes, amirite?

winston churchill

The World Series should either be renamed as the North American series or include baseball teams from all over the world, amirite?

this was actually named after the new york world, which was a newspaper in the twenties

Canadian football sucks, amirite?

the 3 down thing is stupid

It's sad that, as a race, we're more content seeing two men holding guns than two men holding hands, amirite?

Way to talk to yourself