It would suck if you actually dropped you gay card, because your friends would try to tell you but you'd assume hey were lying, and you'd just walk off without your gay card, amirite?
Guys: It's really annoying when you stand up after sitting for a long while, and your penis is still inside of you, and it wont come out even if you wiggle around a lot, amirite?

Your penis can go inside of you?

If you had to live without one of your five senses for the rest of your life, you'd pick your sense of smell, amirite?

Taste. It'd be so much easier to diet.

It'd be funny to have a huge party and have all beverages non alcoholic and see how people act when they THINK they're drunk. amirite?

I was hoping for a story from experience :(

Kids in math problems have way too much time on their hands. Like seriously Avi? You're going to calculate the angle at which you need to ride your bike to get to Market Street? Get a girlfriend or something. amirite?

It's usually you doing the calculating.

Funniest post I ever read.

What the fuck is going on?

I'm tired of all these inappropriate kids' songs, like the one about that whore Miss Mary Mack. But Ring Around the Rosie, now there's a wholesome, nonthreatening song, amirite?
You hate how in Wizards of Waverley Place, and Fairly odd parents, it's always "I have so much power and magic, but I don't know how to use it, so my life is terrible", amirite?

It pissed me off how Timmy never made a good wish!Like damn, how bout "I wish to be really good looking" instead of "I wish I were the most wanted person in the universe!"

How bout wishing for the freaking inflation rate to go down, Timmy.
How bout wishing for another one of those rule-free cupcakes.

Somebody needs to come up with a clever comeback for "nevermind", amirite?

She told me nevermind!! "I sent that bitch a 'k'. Bitches hate 'k'."

it seems like girls used to be excited about their first kiss when they were they are excited about sleeping with someone. Things have changed, amirite?
@Agreed not all girls are like that. I personally want to wait for marriage - and I'm not even religious. It's...

i see that it is an opinion of yours, and i accept that. however, i don't see anything wrong with just "talking" about sexual activities. I do it all the time, because sex interests me in any form or fashion. I am still a virgin, and will continue to be until i'm ready to have sex. just because someone talks about sex, doesn't make it bad.

The next time somebody texts me with "k", I'm going to tell them that they smell like a hippo. And when they respond with "WTF??" I'm going to respond with just "k", amirite?

are you serious? i've been saying it wrong my whole life...

It is rude and insulting when your girl/boyfriend says that for a million bucks, they'd be okay with you being in a porno, amirite?

psssh. For a million bucks i'd be okay with me being in a porno too!

It's more socially acceptable for boys to talk about jizzing than it is for girls to talk about getting wet, amirite?
Sarc: Your second favorite kind of asm. Amirite?