Marijuana should be legal EVERYWHERE. It's been proven to help cancer patients by stimulating their appetite and suppressing nausea, and as a recreational drug, it's less intoxicating than alcohol. Agree or disagree?
@TheBlindMan Why can't you guys just say that you want to get high? I'm sure you couldn't care less about the medical benefits...

There are way more reasons to make marijuana legal besides getting high and the medical benefits. The situation we have with marijuana today is VERY similar to problems with prohibition in the 20s. Making it illegal is NOT stopping its use. For another thing, if a drug is legal there can be way more control exercised over it and thus decreasing abuse of the drug. Also, the money spent on the drug would be going into the economy and not some dealer's pocket. For another thing, marijuana has proven to be WAY less harmful than alcohol. When was the last time you heard of someone beating their kid because they smoked too much pot? Never. How many recorded causes of death does marijuana have? ZERO! I have kept my points brief but if you would like me to expound more on any of them I can. You should also check out the song "Prohibition is Still a Failure" by the Atomic Duo. It pretty much says what I did only in song form :D

It's really annoying when people say "society is becoming fucked up". Society is still the same when you think about it. Everything happening now is basically the same as what was happening back then, except for technology making people a little lazier. amirite?

It's not becoming fucked up. It was fucked up before but now it's just new fucked up and not old fucked up.

The point of an inside joke is to keep it between you and that person, not tell everyone you know, amirite?

Well usually inside jokes occur in a moment, so they're only really funny to the people involved. So I mean you can tell other people but they'll probably just think you're stupid.

If there is a god you really have to wonder what that god was doing prior to creating the universe, amirite?

Probs smoking a blunt. And that's where the idea for the universe came from.

You don't need to not know that sometimes immorality gives you an advantage to act morally. Guys don't need to deny that men had it better a few decades ago to genuinely support gender equality, amirite?

Wait, it's late at night so maybe I'm stupid, but...what are you saying? Because I literally just don't get it...

People say if you sleep in till the afternoon you waste your day, but it doesn't really matter if you make the best of your night, amirite?
@StickCaveman I hate sleeping in late because I feel like I'm being more productive if I wake up early, regardless of how much...

Nights are pretty calm if you stay up late enough...although by then it's technically REALLY early morning.

You would rather break your lover's headboard than their heart, amirite?

So long as this isn't a Twilight reference.....

We all know those people who can do a math problem instantly but could barely fend for themselves in the real world, amirite?
@cherryblaster While that might be true for certain people, it's become a bit of a social stigma that people who are really good...

I wasn't saying people who are good in school aren't hopeless in the real world. I'm just saying that we all know one person or another who is like that.

Romney's best campaign strategy would most likely be to shut up until November 7th, amirite?
@pb55020 Lol I know when im beat. Im stubborn but not stupid.

Thank you. My respect for you just increased exponentially.

Romney's best campaign strategy would most likely be to shut up until November 7th, amirite?
@pb55020 You're right.

Wait...did an internet argument just get resolved? Crazy...

Romney's best campaign strategy would most likely be to shut up until November 7th, amirite?
@pb55020 Have you ever walked into a public place and been kicked out for being gay? Use different water fountains?...

You can't see what's so bad because you're not gay. Even though most people don't "hate" gays, they put them in separate categories in their mind and will treat them differently solely because they are gay. This makes you feel isolated, even if people don't have bad intentions. It's the same deal with racism. African Americans are now legally equal, but most if not all people are subconsciously racist. And the reason there have never been gay Jim Crow laws is because you can't see if someone is gay. There would be no way for them to enforce it.

Romney's best campaign strategy would most likely be to shut up until November 7th, amirite?
@pb55020 Could you PLEASE show where the law discriminates against gays in anything besides marriage? Anything at all?...

Ummm I wish that were true. If you were to disregard marriage (which is stupid because the issue of marriage has so many underlying issues) then technically there is no law discriminating against gays. As far as gays being social equals? Well I wish I could live to see that day...

Your first kiss wasn't how you wanted it to be. Amirite?

.....we were both drunk on her living room floor. That was my first kiss. And a lot that a bad thing?

@TheShamWowGuy Jesus Christ, you are an arrogant little shit. Fine, two can play at this game. I don't care what you say about...

I'm just going to pop in here and say that in studies with identical twins they have found that if one twin is homosexual then 70% of the time the other one is as well. Also, researchers have found that many gay men share genetic traits such as hair whorls and left handedness. Now while now none of this straight up proves that homosexuality is genetic, it STRONGLY suggests that it is. You also say that observing it in animals means nothing but I think you misinterpreting what this means. For the longest time people argued that homosexuality was wrong because it "goes against nature." However, since it has been found in animals this proves that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon. That is why it is a big deal. Maybe it's not natural in humans, but no one can say it is unnatural. For more on that read this article: Finally, before I go, ask yourself these questions: When did I choose to be straight? Could I begin to like the same sex if I tried? I hope my points have been clear to you and if your opinion is still not swayed, I hope you at least understand the opposition to your side now.

Pikachu would be much cuter as a cat rather than a rodent, amirite?