Racism: the belief that there are inherent differences in people's traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race. Why is this so horrible to believe? It makes sense: each race originates from a different part of the world, and there they evolved separatley from the others. Certain races could totally be more biologically advanced than the others, amirite?

This is wrong because we didn't all develop in different parts of the world. Science has proven that all humans originated from the African continent then spread out. The differences in races are merely based on genes. Light skin and dark skin, brown hair and blonde hair, it's all genetic differences. This means that there is no true thing as race. Just cultures and genetics.

Teeth are little brats. They're so high maintenance. Nothing else gets cleaned 2-3 times a day! They have their own brush. They have their own doctors. They get first dibs on everything you eat. AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO GROW IN STRAIGHT. amirite?

Mine grew in straight >:)

I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

Well I'm 15 and it's at 15 so not much I can do.

You never knew that Arthur was an aardvark, amirite?

Did you not see the "A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K" episode??

eyes are nipples of the face, amirite?

No, the eyes are the groin of the face!

Sometimes you're so bored that not even masturbation sounds fun, amirite?

As Billy Joe put it, "When masturbation's lost its fun, you're fucking lonely!"

It's stupid how me and my friends went to pick up her siblings at the elementary school they went to and a teacher came and yelled at my friend for texting. (We're 8th graders and we dont even attend the school) Amirite?

No one cares about you're personal life.

They need to make sequels to the Incredibles and Monster inc. amirite?

No, they need to make movies with the same QUALITY as Monsters Inc. and the Incredibles.

You like this new drawing thing alot, amirite?
@BetterThanEzra1119 The Alot was used in the wrong way.

Actually the correction should have been that it's "a lot" not "alot."

Boys grow up liking trucks, fighting, non-girly colours, and don't care how they look. Girls grow up liking barbies, pink and purple, tea parties, and think boys are all stupid. Don't try to change this. "Gender-neutrality" in childhood is just bad in the sense that kids should just do what they desire. Men and women have different interests and roles. Please do not try to change this, amirite?

ACTUALLY scientists have done a study on infants and found that when infants are first born there is literally NO difference between a guy's brain and a girl's brain and the differences only started occurring when people put societal norms into their heads. Think about it. People tend to treat boy babies and girl babies differently so of course they'll end up different. If you just let kids be, you would find that they would just play with what they want, not their "gender specific" toys. I find it disturbing the number of people who agreed with this.

When you took a shower as a kid, you did one of the following: 1. Went around the edges of your shower avoiding any contact with the water, 2. Danced crazy to a catchy song, 3. Sang a song you were feeling, or 4. You just took a shower. amirite?

Dude I'd take baths and make fricken tidal waves!

Romney's best campaign strategy would most likely be to shut up until November 7th, amirite?
@pb55020 Have you ever walked into a public place and been kicked out for being gay? Use different water fountains?...

You can't see what's so bad because you're not gay. Even though most people don't "hate" gays, they put them in separate categories in their mind and will treat them differently solely because they are gay. This makes you feel isolated, even if people don't have bad intentions. It's the same deal with racism. African Americans are now legally equal, but most if not all people are subconsciously racist. And the reason there have never been gay Jim Crow laws is because you can't see if someone is gay. There would be no way for them to enforce it.

One of the most overlooked double standards: If a girl makes fun of a guy cause he has a small dick, it's perfectly okay, and if he gets upset about it, he's pathetic. If a guy makes fun of a girl because she has small boobs, he's the world's biggest jerk, and if it makes her cry, everyone will rush in to hug her, it's ridiculous, amirite?
@stacilovesyou i think they're bitches too, don't get me wrong here!

Oh yeah I know I was just saying not everyone thinks that and that there is a lot more crap guys get that they shouldn't.

It would kind of suck to have spring break now or just a little earlier, because it's not even warm in most places yet, amirite?

I'm from Minnesota and it still looks like a Christmas card :p

PETA, I love what you're doing, its great what you stand for, but you really need to chill out a notch. I don't think my dog cares about the stuffing of his bed, or if I wash my hands before feeding him, amirite?

Some PETA people are good and some are over the top. But A dog probably would be happier sleeping out in the woods eating squirrels so I don't think they should worry about that.