Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?
It's stupid how me and my friends went to pick up her siblings at the elementary school they went to and a teacher came and yelled at my friend for texting. (We're 8th graders and we dont even attend the school) Amirite?

No one cares about you're personal life.

someone should take a picture of their firstborn and use age progression software to find out what he will look like at age 16. then frame the picture and keep it up as a centerpiece in the house. when they are 16, and he realizes the picture is of himself, try to convince him hes a time traveler. amirite?

That would be awkward if it ended looking nothing like the kid.

In the books Harry and Ginny have a fiery fun relationship that builds up to the romance, in the movies they just have confused staring and awkwardly paranoid kisses, amirite?


You have more respect for anonymous posters when they come up with a clever fake name, amirite?

I clicked YYA because I looked.

The light at the end of the tunnel we see when we die is really just us being pushed out of our mom's vagina into our next life, amirite?

That's weird because it actually makes sense.

Everybody has those "ugly years," and they're generally in middle school, amirite?

I think it's funny when there were people who were considered "hot" in like sixth grade then you look back in the yearbook you wonder what you were all thinking.

you have an older sibling and marrying one of their cute friends has crossed your mind. amirite?

Marrying is a bit of a stretch...

Racism: the belief that there are inherent differences in people's traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race. Why is this so horrible to believe? It makes sense: each race originates from a different part of the world, and there they evolved separatley from the others. Certain races could totally be more biologically advanced than the others, amirite?

This is wrong because we didn't all develop in different parts of the world. Science has proven that all humans originated from the African continent then spread out. The differences in races are merely based on genes. Light skin and dark skin, brown hair and blonde hair, it's all genetic differences. This means that there is no true thing as race. Just cultures and genetics.

"Modern day society is so horrible." No, modern day society is awesome. We have cures for diseases that we didn't used to have, anybody engaging in a genocide is automatically deemed as evil, there is significantly more social mobility than any other previous time, and I can actually communicate with people in Australia right now, amirite?

It's a lot better than it has been for sure, but still needs some work.

Dogs seem to have no way of telling how much time has passed when you've been gone. You walk in to you're house after being gone for 15 minutes and they run up to you, tail wagging, like "YOUCAMEBACKITHOUGHTYOUWEREGOINGTOBEGONEFOREVERILOVEYOUDON'TEVERLEAVEMEAGAIN!!!", amirite?

I enjoy this reaction a lot when I've had a bad day where I feel like everyone hates me. It's nice to know someone will always be loyal and love you no matter how bad you fuck up.

As much as you hate them we've all been there before.

If Eve cursed an entire human race for an apple, I can only imagine what she'd do for a Klondike bar... amirite?
@Bible never said it was an apple :)

I bet it was an apple. Then God got mad and turned it into a tomato.

When you took a shower as a kid, you did one of the following: 1. Went around the edges of your shower avoiding any contact with the water, 2. Danced crazy to a catchy song, 3. Sang a song you were feeling, or 4. You just took a shower. amirite?

Dude I'd take baths and make fricken tidal waves!

Twilight is about lust, Harry Potter is about love, amirite?