About me.

Hey! I'm Lindsey, but you can call me Lina (the "a" is from Anne, my middle name) or Lu-Lu!

I live in America, but have always wanted to travel around the world.

I do live in the South, so I do say "y'all", and I AM a Southern Belle.

I want to be a sports physical therapist, mainly because I am an athlete and am interested in medicine.

I run track and play soccer for school, and play softball and basketball and tumble in my spare time. My favorite football team is the Saints and baseball is the Giants :)
I am involved in so many sports because my parents were always open to me trying new things and my sister and brother play these sports, too.

I HATE when people chew gum. I think it is absolutely disgusting when they smack it and you can hear the spit sloshing around in their mouth when you're sitting like three feet from. It's just so gross.

OK,well, that's about all, but message me and you'll learn a lot more. :D