About me.

Heyy. I'm Mary and I will be the most amazing person you will every meet in your entire life!!! Haha ;D

I CHANGED MY NAME RECENTLY!! I used to be DancerNowAndForever, in case you were wondering...I just thought that this new name really represented me more than any other name could. I will always be myself. No matter what anyone says <3

I am REALLY into theatre. Musical theatre involves plenty of dance, though, and dance is what gave me my stage presence :)

So anyways yea....I was a plate in my school's production of Beauty and the Beast. There were 4 of us. I was the only one who earned it. WARNING RAMBLING IS ABOUT TO GO ON SO PLEASE SKIP TO NEXT FACT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ!! THANK YOU!! XD (Two were seniors who "needed" a part and the other was a sophomore who was a replacement. I was a freshman who came in for her first year and got the part....not the one she wanted but a part none the less. Someone voluntarily took a picture with me and I didn't know her :D)

In my school's production of "The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" I am a Brother Grimm and a crab person. I walk on stage, die, get spit on, and walk off then come back on to complain about humanity and debate my sex!! Oh!!! I also have a total of 9 lines....9!! I see it as better than getting no parts at all. :)

In my school's production of Grease, I was also a chorus member, but I was dance captain. (I learned every dance. Even the ones I weren't in). I was in every single chorus number except for Greased Lightning, but I had to stay backstage for choreography reminder sake. I had a singing solo!! And is was by far the best show I ever did or will ever do :)

I've danced for 13 years (well....tap for 12, ballet for 8, jazz for 4, and lyrical for 2. 6 of those years were competing. And this year I took up Polish dancing)

I love basically everybody unless you are a d-bag. So, word of advice: DONT BE ONE!! :D

Tumblr: http://justbeingmary.tumblr.com/