People who compare Hitler to Justin Bieber are sick. Justin Bieber hasn't even killed one person, let alone six million. It doesn't matter how much you dislike him, it's a sick thing to do, amirite?

Bieber killed music...

Your nose always itches at the wrong time, like when you are scrubbing your toilet, modeling clay, eating Doritos, etc. Amirite?

Or at the dentist...

You can't really imagine NOT understanding your own language, amirite?

I'm a Full Filipino! But I barely understand what they are saying!
Shame shame =/

MLIT makes you feel good about your life, amirite?

My Life is Twilight?
Hell No

What's Al Queda's favorite football team? The New York Jets. amirite?

favorite basketball team: Houston Rockets

You always only have an inappropriate itch in public, amirite?

or wedgie, and a booger that annoys the crap outta you

This happy face Ü is better than :) amirite?

It Kinda looks like Squidward!
You know, because the U looks like his odd looking nose!

In acne commercials it sometimes seems like the before and after pictures consist of two different people, amirite?

Maybe cuz it is.
Even those before and after people in the Hair loss commercials and the weight loss commercials

You don't really play video games with your family. amirite?
Some people have names that just make them sound like jerks. amirite?
Life would be so much better/easier if we had no desire/need for sleep. Think about all the extra/free time we'd have, amirite?

But, School will probably be longer =(