Lacrosse is the best sport ever, amirite?

It's all about hopscotch!!!

You've never heard of a blind, deaf, or mute African American, amirite?

Ray Charles?

You could totally imagine Old Spice Guy doing a presidential campaign ad: Hello people of America. Look at your nominee, now back to me. Now back to your nominee, now back to me. Sadly, your nominee isn't me, but if he stopped running for president he could be in my cabinet. I'm on a campaign ad. amirite?

That guy is my hero! The commercials are also amazing cuz its all a continuous shot! Amazing!

Abortion doesn't kill people, children from broken families do, amirite?
If you come to a fork in the road, you need higher porn standards, amirite?
Imagine the most bad-ass, dangerous, crazy killer. Now imagine him with the name Rupert. There's just no way you can take him seriously. amirite?

That's why Tom Riddle changed his name to Lord Voldemort!

Just let me put up my h-- elastic snaps Worst thing ever... amirite?

I don't get it haha XD

You hate it when you're throwing signals to the guy you like but he's too stupid to notice! amirite?

Ok lets clear this up, subtle hints dont work, huge hints dont work, really obvious hints dont work. Jus say whats on your mind and lets get on with it :)

You've never heard of a blind, deaf, or mute African American, amirite?

Oh snap! Major burn! Haha

Some really crazy shit happens in the comments of a controversial post, amirite?

Pokes head in to see if theres any controversy going on, nods in agreement then proceeds to be on his way

English bad words are so much better than American bad words. I mean the word wanker is just plain awesome. amirite?

Dont forget "mud blood" :P

Big Time Rush....yup I give 'em 2 more years, then we'll see one as a gay stripper, one in jell, one as an underwear model and one in rehab. amirite?

Jell? You forgot the o! Its spelled jell-o haha XD

Boys always take long showers, it has a special reason, amirite?

I take long showers but only because i do most of my thinking in there. The water calms me down and relaxes me allowing me to do my thinkin. But i get my ideas when i sit on the toilet :P

Is it rude for a deaf person to talk (sign language) with their mouth full of food? amirite?

Maybe if it is something messy and his hands are dirty while he is signing. Then it would be rude...

Ina group of girls, there's always one really ugly girl. if you say No Way, you are probably the ugly girl, amirite?

Dang im the ugly girl in the group :'( lol