About me.

"Well I am an artist if that means that there's a cigarette in my mouth
Well I'm a punk rocker if that means that I
smell pretty bad right now
But mostly I'm just kinda crazy
in a world full of sadness and pain."
-Where is my Coffee? (Where is it?)
um..i dont have much hobbies. i do a lot of drugs, i talk to a lot of people, im a chick, i like good music.
i dont like capitalization, sad people, or most conservatives.
i dont like much of politics. im not a nihilist, i just cant pledge alligence to shit.
i like alliteration, sweet tea, and being under the influence of something.
im very interested in the legalization of the sweet mary jane
i want to either be homeless or go to depaul and get a BPA and have a head shop when i grow up
im a social wanna be punk rock girl mixed with hipster mixed with sad lonely geek. i like talking. talk to meeee. im actually pretty nice, but im not saying im not an asshole, just saying that you're one too
i love going to concerts. ask me about them. i adore the toonz.

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