You liked Jesse McCartney better when he was a sweet surfer guy, not trying to be a raper, amirite?

A raper?

You're really jealous because I figured out how to make words in my posts <i>in italics</i> , amirite?

would you like some epic with that fail?

there is no "normal" age for a first kiss. it's different and personal to everyone. amirite?
@5 for me :) and yes it was a real kiss. Too bad he's not as nice as he was back then. sigh

Kisses under 11 years old don't count, when you're that age you don't even understand what you're doing. I hate when people think they have had their 'first kiss' when they're like in kindergarten. Just no.

It annoys the hell out of me when people say 'i wish my parents were divorced so i could have two Christmases'. It's not worth it, especially if the divorce is ugly, amirite?

My parents are divorced and I would give up the extra gifts in a heartbeat to actually have a real family instead of a shitty, broken one.

Dear scientists, Your mom says I'm big enough... Sincerely, Pluto. amirite?

Wasn't this on DearBlankPleaseBlank?

You would totally give Anthony a BJ for him to make one of your posts Post of the Day, amirite?

I would!!

Guys always pick the air headed girls rather than the smart ones. amirite?

Guys date air-head girls to get some, and guys date smart girls to bring home to momma. It depends what they want.

The two most heard phrases in school are "I'm tired" and "Do you have money?", amirite?

"I hate this class"

Hermione Granger is smarter than your honor student, amirite?

No, because she is not real.

Being told that you look like a model is actually an insult, as most models have ugly faces, amirite?

Yes, because when someone tells you that they totally want to bring your self esteem down?

Seniors are the cool ones. Juniors are the wannabes. Freshman are the losers and sophomores are just there, amirite?

Yikes..I'm gonna be a freshman in a couple days..

Attractive guys are lucky, they look great naturally while attractive girls usually wear makeup to look good, amirite?
I have no idea about who Chuck Norris is. It's not that bad, amirite?

I dont know who he is either../:

the shortest book ever written is "Things I Cannot Afford" by Bill Gates, amirite?

This was Owl City's Facebook status you fucking copier.

WHY does putting on a pad have to make so much noise and be obvious, amirite?

Ah figures I posted this anonymously -__-