You're really jealous because I figured out how to make words in my posts <i>in italics</i> , amirite?

would you like some epic with that fail?

You never knew that Kiara (from Lion King 2) fell in love with her uncle, amirite?

Um, no, Scar chose Kovu as like his pretend "son", the one who would take over.

Trust no one. Just because you're best friends, doesn't mean they have to know EVERYTHING, amirite?

If they're really your best friend, you'd want to tell them everything.

First kisses are always amazing, amirite?

My first kiss was with some guy I met once and never saw again.

Your gonna go see the new movie "Vampires Suck". Amirite?

Glad I could inspire your post, asshole.

The ending of Camp Rock 2 reminds you of the Glee season finale, amirite?
@peterpan12 only in some parts of the song

it sounded pretty much exactly like it.

Warning: Wearing a shirt advertising "Free Hugs," may get you caught in a crowd of twenty sweaty boys, amirite?
Chill with the damn Jersey Shore quotes already! amirite?
@Kristen Actually, I've lived in Jersey my whole life. And I met them Friday. So shut it.

Make me, So have I, its giving Jersey a horrible reputation and I hate it.

It would be cool to get married on a boat so then the DJ could play 'I'm on a Boat", amirite?

Hahah i laughed at this.

No matter what side of the penny/coin is showing from the ground, it's still lucky to even find it, amirite?

Lol Jew.

Its really shocking when you look at your tan lines after the summer and think, "Holy cow? I was once that white!?!", amirite?

Especially my white ass..

Girls: kissing on the neck is a real turn on, amirite?

And chest! ;D

Jersey Shore: An ignorant show starring a bunch of Guido orange whores and tool bags who are nobodies pretending to be celebrities. amirite?
A lot of users made their account on here in summer 2010, amirite?
If you were fat, you would have fun with it by being the stereotypical fat person. You would always be out of breath, break into frequent sweats and always ask for food like a doughnut or a Pepsi. amirite?