Even though everyone hates crocs, they are kinda cool. You can wear them as shoes or as sandles, you can buy little attachments for them. and they are waterproof. Crocs dont get the respect they deserve! amirite?

Okay well the crocs may be "waterproof" but what good does that do when I step in a puddle? All the water will still go through the holes.

You know its bad when a guy says they aren't wearing underwear to make their jeans look skinnier, amirite?
@Simon Lol, why would the only part of their pants they want to make look smaller be the crotch area?

Well I guess if their pants were tight enough you could see where their boxers end. To me, that's just ridiculous -__-

If Harry Potter is really that much better than Twilight, then why is that such an accomplishment? Why must it always be brought up? amirite?
@twisted_memories The whole thing is stupid to me. I happen to be a fan of both and all the haters annoy me. It's like people try and...

Exactly, I really don't mind either of them, like they aren't my favorites but I don't despise them.
They're both really different and liked for different reasons.

When people talk about the 'ultimate dinner party' they always have John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jesus etc. on the guest list. Not for me, I'd pick really boring people so I could be the centre of attention, amirite?

Just because you think that they are boring doesn't mean they will pay more attention to you..

@More exact than a single letter from the English alphabet.

Maybe..but we only have a few letters, whereas they have over 50,000 characters. When they describe a "word" they use a few of their characters, not just one or two.