It doesn't make sense when people say "I'm sort of a Christian." You're either a Christian or you're not, amirite?
@WHY is this post even negative?! definition of Christian: believe Jesus is the Messiah and you are going to heaven...

I think people get the overall message, but are confused by some of the other things in the bible.
Ex: Lots of christians say they're somewhat christians because they believe in gay rights, while most strict christians don't.

It's kind of funny that Kurt Cobain didn't realize that Teen Spirit was a type of deodorant until after the song came out, amirite?

It smells like teen spirit in here! ...I know, don't you just love the smell of vanilla chai?!

Anybody else find it weird that the earth is made of about 70% water and people are also made of about 70% water, amirite?

omg its like the earth is trying to tell us something! D:

If you had a chance to go back in time and kill baby Hitler, you wouldn't do it, amirite?

I wouldn't do it... but if I had to kill someone it would be his dad. His dad abused him and I guess contributed to his decisions. I think if he had a loving dad that the holocaust would've never happened.

You have a kind of love/hate-relationship with your country, amirite?

I don't mind my country, just most of the people in it. People are so ignorant and take everything for granted.

You wonder what the stuff that squirts out of girls vaginas is called, amirite?

haha wow..I love how this is in the food category

You have to wonder about the people who take the time to write chain mail. Who sits there and writes a paragraph of utter nonsense and demand that other people pass it on? amirite?

Whats even scarier is thinking about how long some of them have that "scroll down and make a wish" one.

I laugh at the second amendment... who in the world would want bear arms, amirite?
Beautiful girls can get away with everything. Ugly girls get ridiculed for everything, amirite?
@BeautifulNightmare I've noticed in my school that a lot of the "preps" get away with more things than non preps do. Example- we've had...

I hate that. I get in trouble for wearing a skirt two inches above my knee, and a pretty/skinny girl can get away with booty shorts that just barely cover what its supposed to.

Jeggings are much more comfortable than skinny jeans, amirite?

Never tried them... and I'm kinda scared too. People either seem to really love them or really really hate them.

Buying underwear from the store can be embarrassing and it seems like people are looking at you funny, amirite?

I hate when the cashier gives me a funny look...we all wear them and have to buy them from somewhere, just be glad I actually wear them

No matter how bad things get, you all promise that we will NEVER allow Nickleback to be considered a "Golden Oldie" when we become old, amirite?
@dan94 I agree. They were getting ranked as one of the best artists of the decade and then suddently everyone hates them...

People were saying that they were selling out or something like that, and that their style was "inconsistent".
I personally think that's stupid since every band takes a while to find out their style.

Tightening airport security is going to help anything. If somebody wants to hijack an airplane, they'll find a way, amirite?

Well, would you rather have no security at all? They do help.

It bothers you when people go through your camera and delete every picture they hate of themselves. Especially if you actually like the picture, amirite?

ehh well if the picture was taken of me and I didn't allow them to in the first place, then I would delete it.
But if it was a group photo and other people looked nice then I wouldn't care.

Stoners shouldn't worry about the munchies; Their brain on drugs is a crushed oreo, amirite?

Nope, thats alcohol