The crime rates would reduce significantly if the government just got rid of laws, amirite?

If this was under "jokes" I think more people would stop to think about it...

PCs (Windows) and Macs are similar to dogs and cats. The human is master of the dog but the cat knows that he is the real master over the human and it's a privilege for the human to take care of it, amirite?

What happens if you have parallels? Would it then be catdog?

Bacon bits are like the fairy dust of the food community, amirite?

Indeed. Bacon is magical.

Instead of there being ice cream with cookie dough in it. there should be cartons of cookie dough with ice cream in them. amirite?

Or better yet -just cartons of cookie dough.

Otherwise, the ice cream would probably make the cookie dough texture off.

Every gym should come equipped with candy and drink machines to see who's the weak links in the bunch, amirite?

We have both, but they're empty. It's like they're taunting me...

Popular people never seem to have stuffy noses, even when they ARE sick they just do little girly coughs and your sitting there with 15 tissues looking like Rudolf. Amirite?
@AllanFoFallan How do you apply masculinity to a cough?

Well, there's those really loud and kinda gross sounding coughs, then there's though little coughs that don't sound so obnoxious.

Weed should be legalized, but should have restrictions on it, just like alcohol does. It has been scientifically proven to be less harmful than alcohol, so why is it illegal, but booze isn't, amirite?
@Anyone who uses the "gateway drug" argument is retarded. By that logic, water is a gateway drug to alcoholism.

(An educated person): I agree, I know many people who smoke weed and only weed. Its your own personal responsibility if you choose to do more dangerous drugs or not, but saying that anyone who smokes weed will want to do other drugs is not true.

Today, my little sister came into the house dressed as a ninja. I happened to be dressed as a pirate. She pulled out a nerf gun without saying anything and we had an epic battle. Then we had sex. MLIA, amirite?

Oh, well I took it as a joke. The sex part doesn't seem too out there for most MLIAers.

You hate it when people on facebook have no filter whatsoever ontheir statuses "So, I just took this giant dump, and it looked sorta like Jimmy Carter from an angle, pics in a little while :D" Seriosly? amirite?

I'm scared by the fact that that was in quotes...

People who ride motorcycles without helmets are complete idiots, amirite?

It doesn't matter how well/long you've been driving, its not a matter of "if" you get into an accident, its "when".

I get it, beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. But not EVERYBODY is beautiful. Deny it all you want, but it's true. There are some people in the world that are just disgusting. And being ridiculously overweight isn't beautiful either, it's unhealthy and gross. You have no excuse to be overweight unless you have a medical condition that gives you a hard time losing weight. amirite?
@Eminna What I hate is when overweight people get UPSET when someone makes fun of them for their weight. If they're happy...

Well it is possible to accept yourself and have someone make fun of you. For example, if I got a haircut and I really liked it, but everyone else made fun of me for it, should I be ridiculed for keeping it? Even though I have the choice to change it back, if I like it the way it is then why should I change for anyone else?
In other words, they do have a right to be upset.

People who like taco bell, also must like dog food, because they both use grade F meat, amirite?

To be honest...some of those specialty dog cookies look pretty tasty. Whenever I see them in the mall I have to tell myself that they are not for humans.

It is outrageous that the unconstitutional Student Prayer Act in Illinois somehow passed, amirite?

Just wondering... but if its only 10 seconds then why is it such a big deal to make it into an act? If people want to pray or have a silent reflection then why can't it be done before they go to school? I just don't see how this concerns school at all.

Taking money away from people who are willing to work and then giving it to poorer people so everyone will be more even is so stupid. If I have a 4.0 in school, should I also be forced to give up 1.0 of my GPA so that a slacker with a 2.0 can be even with me? amirite?

This is just one of those topics you can't bring fairness into. People who are rich and own there own companies should be able to do whatever they want with their money. They've worked for it and its theirs. But at the same time not all poor people are slackers and some should deserve a bit of help, especially if they have a disability. I don't think there's any right answer here, or at least if there is we haven't found it yet.

You wonder what animal pigs feel like when they eat too much food, amirite?

They feel like their fattest pig friend.
Ex: "Man, I'm stuffed. I feel like Fred." "Oh Fred? He's such a pig"