About me.

Well, God is my life. My Favorite Color is green. Nickname is Wiz (kaleigh sounds like the kali in wiz kalifa). I love Harry Potter. Alot. I get scared easily so watch it, I might hurt you haha. www.amirite.net is simply amazing. Soccer is my passion. I love to watch movies and hang out with friends, doesn't get better than that. I love going to football games, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, swim meets, basically any kind of sport so I can be entertained. I've lived in Missouri, Tennessee, Washington, Indiana, West Virginia, And Kentucky (I know, rediculous). Church camp is my favorite place on earth. I love anything that has to do with England. Manchester United is my ALL TIME favorite soccer team. I kinda want to be an Anesthesiologist, but I plan on going to Notre Dame and playing soccer, thats all I know now. I love music so much, can't go a day without it. I'll listen to any kind really, as long as its not electronic crap, but I mainly like alternative rock and country. I went to Italy with some freakin awesome friends (Kierstyn, Kourtney & Kelsey Stevens, Catherine Campbell, Jack Moreland, Anthony Olberding & Elijah Young) summer 2011. That was the best time of my life. I wish we could all go back! My eyes are green which is awesome since thats my favorite color. Im english, Irish, German & Scottish on my dads side and Native American on my moms. If you ever ask "Pepsi or Coke"....youve gotta be crazy, coke deffinatly. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool haha. My favorite drinks are sprit, strawberry smoothies & a caramel frapaccino. Ive been out of the country to Italy, Canada, Mexico and Haiti...well ive been to Jamaica but im not sure if that really counts haha. I love singing, I only really do in the car but ive recorded a few songs. I love the rain, sounds cliche but i really dont care haha. I only have one peircing, and its my cartalige, which I know is stupid that i have that peirced and not the normal part of the ear. I mean I should have both right? Well, they were peirced but they screwed up and were crooked so I let em grow in...not that you cared to know that. Um, my best friend is Kierstyn Stevens. We do EVERYTHING, quite litteraly, together. I love my friends, i couldnt live life without em, they keep me going. I go to Heartland church, it's pretty great. I actually like school, well not the waking up early part.
Have you ever...
~Been in a car accident? Yeah, scary stuff
~Been in a fist fight? Haha not legit, i beat Kevin Reynolds up when i can :) hehe
~Last person you hugged: Channing and he bout killed me
~Celebrated Halloween?.....this is a question for a foreigner

anything else ya wanna know know just ask (:

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