Society is probably the ugliest thing there is. amirite?


Nobody actually calls those "how's my driving" numbers they put on trucks. amirite?

hey, I just called to tell you that you're doing a great job. k bye.

I think it's a good thing that women have periods. That way, once a month, they get to be the ones living with an irritating cunt for a change, amirite?

Am I the only female who found this hilarious and wasn't offended?

Girls: the day tampons/pads become flushable will be a VERY good day, amirite?

if tampons aren't flushable you have a really shitty toilet...

Rock is dead. Now lets get on with our lives and listen to rap, amirite?

rap can be good, rock can be good. it just depends what artists you listen to.
good rap: eminem, cypress hill, fort minor, T.I., pittbul, canibus, nas, wu-tang clan, run DMC
bad rap: lil wayne, three 6 mafia, rap radio shit
good rock: crash kings, dirty heads, sublime, haste the day, dance gavin dance, lifehouse
bad rock: nickelback, puddle of shitt (mudd), hoobastank

there's good and bad everywhere.

K-Mart's basically a crappy version of Wal-Mart, amirite?

Walmart is a crappy version of Target

Why don't they just make a boat with some holes in the bottom of it. That way, if water gets into the boat than it would just wash out the holes, preventing the boat from sinking. amirite?

troll science ftw

It's annoying when you're using a website to listen to music and after you've been listening to it for a while it pauses the music and a pop-up comes up that says "Are you still there?" amirite?

It would be cool if the site said "are you still there?" in the turret voice from Portal

You want to scream "you're not my real ladder!" at your step-ladder, amirite?

Kid on AbsolutePunk shared it with me and I thought I would post his wit and hilarity for more people to see :D

You've never seen someone that wasn't a cartoon character that had pointy boobs, amirite?

Haha I kind of meant like alive people (cartoon characters talk, real people talk) you know

imagine how much money they would make off of delicious cough syrup, amirite?

I think it tastes bad because if it tasted good even more people would take it recreationally.

You can't be a REAL Christian and support gay rights. amirite?

gay rights are essentially human rights. we don't live in a theocracy.

The majority of vegan cheese tastes nasty, doesn't melt and has a horrible texture, amirite?

daiya is pretty good though

Miley Cyrus's chance of being assassinated by a Nirvana fan just skyrocketed, amirite?
@No I'm not, I don't find her outfits as attractive as Miley/Justin's

(<3 JBieber): Because clothing has everything to do with musical skill.

If people came in neon colors it would be a much happier world, amirite?

Came as in "manufactured in" or as in "jizzed"?