It is absolutely awesome when a show that you like comes back from a season break. amirite?
It would suck being deaf because you wouldn't know if your farts are loud or not. Like you would think it's just a silent one but actually it sounds like there's an explosion in the back of your britches. Amirite?

my grandmother is deaf and unfortunately does this all the time....

Watching people eat corn on the cob does not bring out their attractive side. amirite?

If you dislike this, that's funny.

Boy meets world is the most accurate high school tv show to date, amirite?

I like the episode when they're seniors and they have to do senior pranks and cory puts chickens in the hallways and keeps walking around saying "CHICKENS! CHICKENS!" I'm gonna make that an accurate high school experience at my school....

There's never a wrong time to wear a beret, amirite?
@Palindromes_Are_Fun Having an example that contradicts your post is rude? Okay.

I didn't mean rude, just like dissing me but obviously i don't take it seriously - they're funny!

Everybody complains about not have a wizarding school in America, but we did. It was in Salem, but had to be shut down, thanks to a couple of careless wizards. amirite?

I live in the town next to Salem and used to work there, have met some witches many times before before. Disappointingly, nothing like hogwarts. It's more like a religion and to do with luck and peace.Still pretty weird though!

Disney movies typically go the same: there is an independent princess/ regular girl who somehow struggles with something. It all works out in the end, but she needed the help in the end from a guy. It's a little sexist, amirite?

i think it's ok, I mean the girl usually shows some sort of strength or ambition. For example, ariel fought Ursula (with the help of eric) to save her father. She also saved eric in the beginning of the movie too.

A lot of female celebrities have really boyish names...BLAKE Lively, DREW Barrymore, BRYCE Dallas Howard, just to name a few. amirite?