It's called 'The Notebook' because guys should be taking notes, amirite?

If you want a girl all you need to do is:
1. initiate conversation with her, texting, talking, whatever (without stalking her)
2. be nice and pay attention to what she says but don't be creepy about it

..and looking like ryan gosling doesnt hurt

Although it may stray from tradition, there's nothing wrong with camping in an RV. You're there to appreciate the nature (for the most part), so what does it matter if you sleep someplace you're comfortable, as long as you do outdoorsy activities, such as fishing, hiking, biking, etc., amirite?

yeah but i wouldn't really consider it "camping"... i would consider it sleeping in an RV and appreciating nature during the day

You wonder what type of music the quiet, shy people in your class have on their iPod, amirite?
If you watch That 70's Show, then you think Jackie was better with Hyde than she ever was with Kelso. Amirite?

I like how Hyde would just not put up with her snobbiness where when she was with Kelso she kind of owned him

@BP032 I disagree. Respect should not be something earned but something lost. By default, everyone should be respected...

Agree with you, the way I see it you should treat everyone right, or at least be polite to them no matter how much or how little respect you have towards them. So if you interact with an older person you should be polite rather than swear at them and push them on the ground... same goes for everyone else.

It's difficult to hear people say, "Cheer up, you have so much to live for" when you're going through depression because it's not like suddenly I'll say, "You know what? You're totally right. I'm all cheered up now!", amirite?

How about if you're naturally a shy person or don't have a lot of self confidence? I hate when my friends say "ok you need to just not be shy!" .... its like ok, sure! HEY RANDOM HOT GUY HOW ARE YA?

Oreos taste better with peanut butter. & if you haven't tried it, you're missing out, amirite?

Better: oreos with cookie dough

Most people hate Justin Bieber simply because of mob mentality, amirite?

I used to not mind him but now he's a bit obnoxious.. i mean the glasses, and the earring and jesus tattoo....

████'█ ███ ██████.the ████ ████ ██ ████ ████ █████ government████ ███ ██ knows█████ ██ ██████ ███ best█ █████ ██ ███ ██████ █████ █████ ████/████ ███'█ ██████ ████████. This is our future, amirite?

As much as I understand pirating music, movies, etc online hurts the artist (as well as all the directors, producers, and everyone else who makes a living off of these things) what this law is trying to do is RIDICULOUS. If the law passed it would be illegal for me to post a video on youtube of me singing a popular song. I don't understand that.

████'█ ███ ██████.the ████ ████ ██ ████ ████ █████ government████ ███ ██ knows█████ ██ ██████ ███ best█ █████ ██ ███ ██████ █████ █████ ████/████ ███'█ ██████ ████████. This is our future, amirite?

Example: Say you're a singer. And you want to post a video of you singing a popular song... If SOPA were to get passed (It won't) that would be illegal. Things like that.

I'm not a slut for being pregnant at nineteen, amirite?

What if someone said "I'm not a slut for being pregnant at 30" ... Most people would say no because she's older, but that doesn't mean she didn't go out and sleep with 20 people in a month and has no idea who the father is. Back to you, you could be married and planned to have a child. Or, you could have had a one night stand.

Abstinence only education is just like "hold it" potty training. amirite?
@thatsjustmii I don`t think whether or not your educated matters when you or a minor. Your body is still developing, your brain...

I didn't say I think minors should have sex, I'm just saying they will. Not everyone, but I guarantee you there is virtually nothing you can do to prevent ALL minors from having sex. The best thing you can do is educate them

Abstinence only education is just like "hold it" potty training. amirite?
@thatsjustmii self-control is not taught enough in our world today. Sometimes it is just not the time and place to void.

self control isn't the issue, education is. If a student knows how to protect themselves and why they need to do so and they still make the decision to have sex that's their decision. If a student has no idea of anything and just does it they have a better chance of getting pregnant or STDs

Universities now are the Hollywood of the 1950s... they're both big heartless businesses, which lure a lot of young talent, promising them money and fortune, then rob them blind of all their belongings and spit them back out into the cruel streets with nothing to show, except some stories of the good times. Amirite?

It's pretty sad that some college graduates can't find a job to support their lifestyle yet, some people on YouTube who never went to college are making a living on posting a couple videos a week. (not that I'm hating on those people, I think that's great for them)

People are always wishing for "world peace," but would living in a completely peaceful world really be good? With no arguing or wars or bad things EVER, the world would just be boring. amirite?

If we had world peace I think it would be more along the lines of not having wars and making bigger efforts to come to compromises when working out things between countries and what not. Like in the UN; there are still arguments and disagreements but they are done to ensure a better result. So it's not like you and your friend couldn't have an argument if there was world peace, you would probably just settle it without killing each other