About me.

Hellloooo, my name is Katelyn (: .
Just some stuff about me.....

• I'm in high school , so i'm no noob, and i'm not a freshman. blaah.
• A very potter musical made my life complete.
• I want to try Butter Beer.
• I'm allergic to grass & mint.
• I play hockey and rugby. I'm a goalie in hockey. I'm a hooker in rugby. :)
• My pinkie finger is always cold.
• I LOVE LADY GAGA..... SHE'S MY HERO.... legit.
• I'm married to Sidney Crosby, Sam Tsui, and Anthony Padilla.
• I never got the point of snuggies.
• I love bad pizza, it's amazing.
• I'm afraid of growing up.
• I loooove harry potter
• Things that are made of wood scare me. like sculptures. heebee-jeebies i tell you.
• I play a six foot tall instrument. spend your entire life guessing it's name. :)

OOOH, wanna be friends :D :D ...... http://www.facebook.com/katelyn.sass
annnnd ask me anything. http://www.formspring.me/KatelynSass