You think 15 minutes is an extremely short time, but 20 minutes is an extremely long time. amirite?

Yessss oh my goodness this post is what goes through my head everyday.

It's really annoying when you can hear fireworks from your house but you can't see them, amirite?

That's called gunshots.

Girls, you sometimes dream that you have a penis, amirite?

I once had a dream I was a dude and this girl gave me a blow job. It was awesome.

The amirite community is filled with people of all different races, genders, opinions, and age all getting along the whole world should be like this, amirite?
The Only Exception by Paramore is a good song, even if you don't like Paramore, amirite?

Then how do they make friends?

When you see a boy and a girl from the Special Ed class walking around holding hands, you're never quite sure if they're a couple, or if that's policy, amirite?

This one special needs girl at my school goes up to random attractive males and say "you're my boyfriend" too cute!

Reid from Criminal Minds is really attractive, amirite?

It's cause he's an actual Male Model.

I am in love with my best friend. If i tell him I could risk loosing him as my best friend but if i don't I'll never know if she feels the same. I should tell him amirite?

Ill never know if SHE feels the same.
I should tell HIM

You remember those rice bags you use to have to heat up in the microwave before the hot patches came along. amirite?

I'm so proud :,)

The rainbow wheel on Macs are your worst nightmare. amirite?


Sometimes, water tastes really bad. Amirite?

Eat skittles then drink water = cities burning. D:

Dating your best friends boyfriend that cheated on her, is in no way justifiable. It is just wrong. amirite?

so glad i'm not the only one in this situation.

Your first reaction to hearing yourself on a recorded message/audiotape/video/what-have-you is almost always "Eww, do I really sound like that?!", amirite?

then you ask your friends how they are friends with you cause you sound sooo annoying :P .

A rocket to the moon totally changed their sound with this new album. amirite?
@Kateisme Yep, the On Your Side album. It's not as electronic-y sounding.

ahh, yeah. i noticed that too.
it's not the same. but i really like it.