Some movies and shows are okay for teenagers to watch and okay for parents to watch, but are not okay for teenagers and parents to watch together, amirite?

Yeah, like Tosh.0 or 16 and Pregnant.

A good way to get over the death of a loved one is to go camping, amirite?

If someone I loved died and my parents told me they were going to take me camping to get over it, I would run away.

Twas' the night before a chem. test and all through the house, not a creature was stirring but a computer and mouse, amirite?

Yeah, dude, can't rip off MLIA when lots of people on this site read it.

You can always tell what grade you are in depending on the number of posters on the wall of the classroom. amirite?
@Teaches can have classes with all different aged kids in H.S.

I was speaking in a more broad sense, not just high school.

Dear people of Amirte, Sorry if one of my posts was on facebook. I did not know and i'm not going to go on facebook to make sure it wasn't posted somewhere on there, and also, it's a completely different site . amirite?
It doesn't matter how skilled they are, people on those DDR Dance Machines always look slightly ridiculous cause no one really dances like that. amirite?

I know, I actually have one too. Its just funny how it is called a dance machine.

Belief is a beautiful armor, but makes for the heaviest sword. Amirite?

Thats a John Mayer song.

Everyone has some kind of junk drawer/basket etc. where the useless pieces of crap that people don't want to throw out goes. Need a battery? Post-it Notes? Pen? Check the junk drawer... amirite?
It annoying when the Google homepage is written all weird/cool in honor of some occasion and you don't know what the occasion is. amirite?
@Click on it, it will usually tell you.

I don't know, when I have done that it just refreshes the page.

You always feel a little bit jealous when someone has a really cool water bottle, amirite?
@i have a hot pink one with white unicorns on it...

(she-ruby): Than I must be right because I am pretty jealous of that :)

From now on, all builders should stop building stairs in houses and instead build an elevator and slide. amirite?
Interesting how today's justice system is based on the same principles as the Bible, amirite?

Concepts of morality, ethics, and justice are universally doctored by society, so just because its in the bible, doesn't mean the entire US justice system is based off of christianity- it just means human nature and society hasn't really changed for a couple thousand of years.

Theres no way "If Its Love" or "Hey, Soul Sister" will EVER compare to "Drops of Jupiter" or "Meet Virginia." Its like the original Train was a steam-model train: classy, rough on the outside but great on the inside. However, times are changing and the steam engine has been replaced with a crummy chrome and plastic commuter train: its just kind of there to make money. Nothing like the original.... amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj Hey Soul Sister, is every bit as good as the original train. I mean have you ever heard them live? They still've...

Yeah, I know they can still put on a great show, I am just saying that their music isn't as good as it used to be...their older songs always sounded sort of original and uncut, but the new one doesn't. I don't think its that bad, its just not as good as it used to be.

Name games and "Get to Know Me Bags" where you bring in stuff that represents you is really dumb. No one likes them. Especially in high school. amirite?

The ones I always had to play were the ones that are like "say your first name and then a vegetable/fruit/sport etc. that starts with the same first letter of your name." those are so dumb.

People need to stop worrying about the latest Hollywood gossip and focus on the talents celebrities are supposed to be known for. Yeah, Tiger Woods cheated. But that doesn't make him a terrible golfer. Yeah, Chris Brown wasn't right to Rihanna. But that doesn't make him a terrible preformer! Just focus on the real reason people are famous. amirite?

Yeah, but if they are supposed to be role models it isn't really acceptable.