Some movies and shows are okay for teenagers to watch and okay for parents to watch, but are not okay for teenagers and parents to watch together, amirite?

Yeah, like Tosh.0 or 16 and Pregnant.

It would be awesome to go to Hogwarts and be a witch/wizard for many reasons, but especially because in one movie, Dumbledore cancels all the finals. amirite?
@In one book*

oh my god, you're right. I can't believe I did that...oh well, thats what you get for watching Harry Potter weekend while being on the computer.

Tickle Me Elmo is the demon spawn of Furby, amirite?

After nine years of not working, one day I heard a noise in the bottom of my closet and all of a sudden, after NINE YEARS, my furby had come back to life by itself. I was scared to touch the thing.

You've flunked a test before, amirite?

hahaha i got a nine out of fifty on my tenth grade grammar test....whoops.

It would be really nice if there were a keyboard that could attach directly to your printer, so that it would print each letter as you type it. amirite?

Yeah, thats EXACTLY what a typewriter is....

From now on, all builders should stop building stairs in houses and instead build an elevator and slide. amirite?
You always feel a little bit jealous when someone has a really cool water bottle, amirite?
@i have a hot pink one with white unicorns on it...

(she-ruby): Than I must be right because I am pretty jealous of that :)

You can always tell what grade you are in depending on the number of posters on the wall of the classroom. amirite?
@Teaches can have classes with all different aged kids in H.S.

I was speaking in a more broad sense, not just high school.

Why do you pee from your sex organs? amirite?

you actually don't...just from a similar area.

It annoying when the Google homepage is written all weird/cool in honor of some occasion and you don't know what the occasion is. amirite?
@Click on it, it will usually tell you.

I don't know, when I have done that it just refreshes the page.

No matter how many times you see the word, you are still not convinced "peoples" is grammatically correct. amirite?
@Marki For instance if you're talking about ethnically different groups or races of people it works.

521441 (Marki): Yeah, in my AP Human Geo book they use it all the time to talk about different ethnic groups.

The worst school related thing in the world is when a teacher pairs you up with someone you don't know for a take-home project. Seriously? I am not going over some strangers house to make a map. amirite?
@Gumpert You could get together at school and plan out what has to be done then do it at home and put it together at school.

You must not of ever had a big take home project before. No offense but there are TONS of things that always go wrong with partner assigned take home projects.

Zoo Pals would make eating a whole lot more fun if they weren't divided into those dumb sections that are barely big enough to hold a tator-tot. amirite?

dude, no way? thats awesome. haven't seen those.

Everyone has some kind of junk drawer/basket etc. where the useless pieces of crap that people don't want to throw out goes. Need a battery? Post-it Notes? Pen? Check the junk drawer... amirite?
Theres no way "If Its Love" or "Hey, Soul Sister" will EVER compare to "Drops of Jupiter" or "Meet Virginia." Its like the original Train was a steam-model train: classy, rough on the outside but great on the inside. However, times are changing and the steam engine has been replaced with a crummy chrome and plastic commuter train: its just kind of there to make money. Nothing like the original.... amirite?