Slamming the door is a real good way of showing your maturity level, amirite?
Girls: When you're having sex you point your toes, amirite?
Its wrong to spell wrong, wrong. amirite?
If someone from amirite ever won an award drunk Cody or Toto would walk up and take the microphone and say "Taja should of won it", amirite?
Snow is the only time when a girl is pleased by four inches, amirite?

In my town, we get snows day with less than half an inch or just bad ice :P

Girls: You don't actually own/carry around a bottle of pepper spray, amirite?

i do only because my dad is a cop and gives the spray to me.

You've wanted to be a mermaid at some point of your life, amirite?

i uh was on a boat in the mississippi and i asked the person who talks if there were merpeople in the mississippi.

Dear pear, whenever I bite into you , I want to taste the sweet juices running out of my mouth in pure delight. But not that hard shit I can get from an apple. amirite?
@Katyisme Ewww Pears x.x

Lol. Ew you.. JK love ya.

She's not a real princess unless she can sing a few notes out her window and have all the woodland creatures immediately scurry over, amirite?
@Further proof Mulan isn't a princess. Just saying.

(+Me): She really isnt, and neither is whats her face from The Princess and the Frog

Hide and Seek was totally created by two friends who wanted to ditch their hated third friend with minimal confrontation. amirite?
You hate it when you're sitting on your floor and your butt falls asleep, amirite?

Or Vagina.

Drunk people are either really entertaining or really annoying, amirite?
@drunk parents are always really entertaining until they're your own..

Mine are historical, and then so hungover they beg us to leave the next day.

When you first saw Lilo & Stitch you wanted to build a miniature city like Stitch and then destroy it, amirite?
@rival in fact i did

Rock on! Me too! On that note I think I might go build another :D

If a boy doesnt like you then why should he pretend like he does just to hurt you? amirite?
Its wrong to spell wrong, wrong. amirite?
@Katrin But I get it. Yeah, that makes it better, I was confused there.

Sometimes the most confusing things make the most unconfusing things seem right.