You close your drawers with a pelvic thrust. amirite?

When I read this, "Time Warp" instantly got played through my head.

After viewing "Supersize Me," you swore you'd never eat McDonald's again and told everyone about the horrible things in the food there...until you ate there again two months later, amirite?

It wasn't so much the fact he at that much because there is the common knowledge that fast food is bad. It's just when they picked apart all these food items and you saw how bad some of the stuff put in it was really bad. Ignorance was bliss.

I am not saying we should kill all the stupid people in the world, I am suggesting we remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out. Amirite?

They'd still have to add some kind of warning label to avoid getting about "We are not responsible for your own stupidity."

A vegetarian who supports abortion doesn't quite make sense to me. I'm not saying either side of both is right or wrong, but how can you advocate animal rights but ignore human rights, amirite?
@How does "human rights" put the rights of unconscious clumps of cells over those of actual humans? Certainly...

Thank you for pointing out another flaw in my logic. I made the assumption that people also consider that "unconscious clump of cells" as life. I guess the post I made had too many what-ifs.

I'm not upset because you accidentally bumped into me; I'm mad because you turned around to see who you bumped into, saw me, and decided I didn't deserve an apology, amirite?
We should fill all asthmatic peoples inhalers with poison gas to weed out the weak and create a master gene pool. amirite?

Random Fact: Not all asthma is genetic.

pure originality cannot be found, all of our thoughts have been built off of other people and environments; a thought we have certainly must have been thought before. amirite?
@i feel that people can have original ideas.

Name one totally original thought you've had. Name something that absolutely no one has ever thought of before. Then prove that it hasn't been thought before. Sure people can be original, but in the end, like lovely has said, it's just building off of something that already exists.

There's a brief moment of panic when you're sitting in class daydreaming and you think you're being called on because the teacher says a word that sounds similar to your name, amirite?

There's also the awkward moment when you're in the halls and think you hear your name. I tend to look whenever someone says "okay"

dating a friends ex is wrong, No matter the circumstances, amirite?
@blackout123 ok fuck you guys nevermind the damn post i u guys are finding loopholes and shit that werent even in the effing...

But you said "No matter the circumstances." That means every single situation. Other people are just pointing out some of those situations.

Sarchasm: the deep abyss between the giver of a sarcastic comment and the recipient who just doesn't "get it", amirite?

"I just don't get it."

Glee is a completely unrealistic show simply because there is no way on Earth Ms. Pillsbury can afford to wear $400 Kate Spade dresses on a guidance counselor's salary, amirite?

This made me laugh because I thought you were going to end on the fact that Glee is completely unrealistic. There are so many unrealistic things in Glee...which is why it is wodnerful

It's pretty damn impressive that Katy Perry can shoot fireworks AND whipped cream out of her boobs... She must be a really big entertainer at parties, amirite?

...unless she forgets which is which. It'd be unfortunate if she was trying to get whipped cream and ended up shooting out fireworks.

If you think about it, Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha could be about any drug you put in there. "What you've got boy is hard to find"? that could be some crystal meth " I think about it all the time"? Obsession. Any druggie does it "Your love is my drug"? She only likes him to get drugs. " I get so high when you're with me"? Well obviously considering all you do when you're around him is drugs. ... amirite?

My brother always sings this song as "Your drug is my love."

Glee: amazingness that you've been waiting all week for. amirite?

You read my mind.

Once we start using makeup on a daily basis and noticing how much better it makes us look, we tend to consider our faces without the eyeliner and lipstick as ugly and uninteresting, amirite?

It'd be great if girls loved their face with make-up or with out.