About me.

Hey there, I'm Katze! That's not my real name, but it's what I prefer to go by.

I'm a pansexual (I like girls, boys, hermaphrodites, and transgenders), schizophrenic/depressed fifteen year old female from Southern California. I tend to say "like" and "dude" often in my speech, even over text. I'm pale and so very proud of it.

I'm shy, and I tend to get embarrassed quite easily. However, I can be friendly, and an extremely loyal friend, once you earn my trust. It's been said that I have a southern accent, although I'm not sure how, since I've never lived in the south for a single day of my life. I fall in love (or, rather, infatuation) easily, and much too often for my own good. I also have self-esteem/self-confidence issues.

I like to read (I am in LOVE with Stephen King and Dean Koontz), draw (my favourite artist is Norman Rockwell), learn the German language in my spare time, and listen to black/death/heavy metal/rock/indie bands.

Some bands/artists I listen to are: Gorillaz, The Smiths, The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Incubus, Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Trivium, Alexisonfire, As I Lay Dying, Beastie Boys, Billy Idol, AFI, Whitechapel, Coldplay, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Die Toten Hosen, Iron Maiden, Suicidal Tendencies, Job For A Cowboy, HIM, Slayer, Agalloch, Eminem, Voxtrot... I could go on for SO long with what artists I listen to.

I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi (most of my friends would say that I'm more like a Grammar Hitler, but I'm not going to falsely claim a title). I enjoy correcting other people's mistakes, and having them go off at me because they were too careless to proof-read.

I severely dislike anime, terrible boy bands, most females, attention whores, backwards (excluding c: and D:)/brace/bracket smilies (ex.: (: / :} / :]), things being out of order, the dark, and anything Wapanese.