two girls holding hands is hot. two guys holding hands is gay, amirite?
@Spartan094 @290154 : You choose to be gay, you aren't born with a defect that makes you like a dick in your ass.

It's not your fucking place to tell people it's wrong to love someone just because they are of the same sex.

I don't believe it's a choice to be gay or straight. Who the hell would want to purposefully go against society like that? So many people think it's wrong and no one wants to be an outcast. People can try as hard as they want to repress their true feelings, but in the end, its in your nature.

Band geeks > Orch Dorks. and choir is for the people who don't want homework. (and there is a slim chance some actually want to sing.) amirite?
@Nah. Band geeks...there are less of us,so everythings funnier, like ur own tiny group of friends. <3

I agree! At my school, though, the band is bigger than the orchestra, but we're still a lot more of a tight-knit group, we're a lot like a family.

You are left-handed, amirite?
two girls holding hands is hot. two guys holding hands is gay, amirite?
Just because you're in band, doesn't mean you have no social life, amirite?
@bookfreak oh not in my band. we have a few 'popular' people in band, but it's one of the things that after you do it once, it...

What I really hate is when the "populars" make fun of us band kids because in 5th and 6th grade when we're first allowed to take band as a class, half of them were in it too. sigh Hypocrites.

I believe in morality, wich is doing right regardless of what I am told. Not in religion, wich is doing what Im told regardless of what is right. So shut up about this anti-gay marriage thing. Because homosexuality is NOT a choice, but homophobia is. amirite?
It's always a little shocking when you're plugging something into an outlet and you see some sparks, amirite?

I see what you did there xP

It's not pronounced "Key-sha" or "Keh-sha," it's "Keh-dollarsign-ha." A trashy name to go with a trashy artist, amirite?
@Mrs_Winchester96 Isn't this kind of like something Joel McHale said on The Soup?

I'm not sure, it might be. I don't watch that show, but my friend told this to me.

Those 90s nickelodeon game shows are the best! figure it out, guts, and legends of the hidden temple, amirite?

Legends of the Hidden Temple was always my favorite :)

Music was so much better back when everything wasn't about sex, amirite?
@Um. Music was always about sex? Symbolism mofos.

Yeah there was symbolism but nowadays music outright talks about sex and is very vulgar. Of course there has always been music about sex but all the songs I've heard from way back when about sex weren't vulgar about it.

two girls holding hands is hot. two guys holding hands is gay, amirite?
@kawaii... you're useless. Completely useless. Not only are you a gay, but so narrowminded your homosexual and...

(BraveAndVigilantK...): For your information, I'm not gay. Believe it or not, there are people other than homosexuals that believe in gay rights. This is 2010. Be more openminded, troll.

The intense and emotion filled scenes of Toy Story 3 tugged on your heart strings and made you get that "I feel a tear welling up in my eye" feeling, amirite?
@AH! The fire pit part?! ahh i cried... that was just really sad.

I was close to bawling, that was so sad. I think the reason the movie made me cry so much was because it made me realize how quickly and drastically things can change.

Our society is built to make everyone feel bad about themselves in one way or another, amirite?
@Shut up, you fat asian piece of shit

No need to be an ignorant jackass.

Dear preppy trend-following girls, your hair does NOT look good scrunched. It looks like pieces of staw were glued to your head. Amirite?
@sapphyre Haha, I thought I was the only one that thought scrunched hair was totally ugly. =D

Oh yeah. It drives me nuts when I walk into school and almost every girl I see's hair is scrunched. It looks really fake and un-cute. :P

You feel pretty accomplished when you discover a relatively unknown band online, amirite?

If anybody feels like sharing some awesome band's you've discovered, be my guest to post them here :)

Mine are Psyche Corporation and Kerli.