Most Everyone agrees that people shouldn't be brainwashed, but no one considers that they might have been brainwashed themselves. amirite?

I don't get what's wrong with collecting data, the goverment already knows your name, age, sex, and other information, how bad is it for the government to know what kind of cheese I am

It's harder to steal a car in 2019, than an intergalactic space ship in any Star Wars movie, amirite?

Is it because Star Wars technology was from a long time ago?

You brush your teeth before visiting your dentist just so they're 'extra' clean, amirite?

Basically your brushing your teeth to get them brushed

Dinosaurs are an advanced race that has technology far more advanced ours because they have been living here for millions of years, considering the technology we developed in about 2000 years in comparison to theirs, amirite?

Humans have been around for way longer than 2000 years...

Humans created math, then they used math to understand math. amirite?
@2 + 2 = 4 4 is 22

I was talking more about theorems and all that stuff with the letters, but that works too

How do we know what dinosaurs sound like when they've been extinct millions of years ago, amirite?

well scientists and archiologists have kind of an idea because the parts that sound were in the bones and we have fossils so they blew air through it and had rough dino sounds

You will never make a claim on your life insurance. amirite?

what if i fake my death and claim to be my twin brother who was born in secrecy and written into my will to receive all my money and assets?

Tonal languages like Mandarin probably have way more potential for puns. amirite?

You almost hear a wordplay at least once in a daily life if you're in Tonal Language region like Mandarin, or Japanese

There was a woman with the biggest pair of titties you'll ever see in your life but you probably don't even remember her, amirite?
Vinegar is the only cleaning product that you can also enjoy with fish and chips. amirite?
You can get a dead chicken for $6.99 but you can't buy a live chicken for $6.99, amirite?

at my place a chicken cost 3.60€ (alive)

Sex is an act with the same expected outome each time yet it fails to bore anyone and remains pleasurable. amirite?

Oh, it can bore people.

Not me tho.

Missionary in the pitch dark every third Tuesday of March is all I need.