About me.

my name is mackenzie; i'm a sophomore, and i'm from wisconsin. yes i'm a cheese head, but no i've never been cow tipping or know of anyone who has; i don't live on a farm or own a cow or farm animal of any sort; i don't ride a tractor to school; and my city isn't a little country hick town in the middle of nowhere. i guess i do have a "wisconsin" accent but it's not bad i guess.

i love sports, music, friends, guys, being outside, volleyball, swimming, boating, the NFL, christmas, Jesus, snow, storms, snowstorms, and going to dances. i'm also a fan of the Packers, cruises, hammocks, warm weather and i want to learn to snowboard again. i've been to florida at least 10 times in my life and i love it but i'm terrified of flying and spiders. my birthday is december 28th:) and i'm using horrible grammar in this and it probably annoys you but that's ok...i'm a pretty fun, happy person and i love talking to new people, so don't hesitate to message me! my conversations get pretty interesting sometimes... :) soo i guess this pretty much sums up some stuff.

January 5, 1996 - March 30, 2011
R.I.P. JJ Campbell