About me.

First off. I'm a giraffe; Neigh Neigh... (or something like that...)
I'm Loud. and kind of odd... I have strong opinions... but don't we all? Thats why I'm here
I love animals.
I love being right hint hint and i auctially do get really excited for the few times ive been on the homepage.

One of my odd dreams is to go to Carlo's bakery(the one from the tv show cake boss) and eat.. well... something... (idont really know what.) The reason this's a dream is because im from the midwest(indiana to be exact)..... which is a long way from Hoboken, NJ.

Alot of people have been giving me attention because I'm a giraffe..
well.. Of course im not! i have that screen name becasue its an inside joke between my friends and me.... They do call me a giraffe because of my long neck... they got me a little giraffe figurine. And kevin the giraffe was born:)
ilove my friends.. im super social. but my firends don't really use amirite. so feel free to be my friend because i like meeting new people:)
I have bad grammer and i like smiley faces
I like to make people feel special... because it makes me feel special too. :)
Peace, Love, and I'm always right...