About me.

I LOVE manga, anime, and music. My friends are probably my best feature and I've been playing the cello for 3 years. I'm 14, a freshman at a Florida highschool and two of my three academic classes are Honors. I go by Bunni, but no, that is not my given name. And yes, I am a girl. Trust me.

My favorite band is Disturbed, but I'll listen to just about anything and like it. Lately, I've really been into Indie music like Phildel and other lesser-known singers like Imogen Heap and Elizabeth Mitchell. The only thing I dont like to listen to is country music, and that's only because my mom is in love with country and I'm totally sick of it.

My favorite color is black, and I have been called emo a lot, but I dont dress goth or emo. I mostly wear an anime or band T-shirt with denim jeans or mini shorts and a jacket. I dont cut or anything (I did at one time, but that was a few years ago) and I normally keep to myself. I almost never talk in my classes but if you heard me around my friends you'd think I was totally insane. Mostly, I'm just shy (not emo) but I dont mind being called that.

I am an actress, and I have been for 4 years. I preform at Florida Studio Theatre during the summers and I have meet some of my best friends through acting. When I'm on stage, my shyness is gone and it's the 'inner me'. My crazy/funny/wacky side comes out especially during improv.

If I wanted to waste a couple hours of my life, I could sit and list all the mangas, animes, and japanese webcomics that I like but I dont care enough to do all that so I'll say a few things. Naruto is, and always will be, my favorite manga. No matter how screwed up the plot is, how much I want to kill Sakura, or how much I want to smack some sense into Sasuke, it will still be my favorite manga. It the book that got me into manga and gave me conections to the best people I will ever meet in my entire life and I couldn't love it more. The anime, however, I hate. I laugh through the entire thing becuase of the funny faces that happen during fight scenes and the cheesy dialouge. I'll occasionally watch the japanese subbed version online to get a character's voice, but that's it. My favorite anime is Axis Powers Hetalia. I think it's one of the funniest things on the internet and I cant get enough of it. Other mangas I like (in no particiular order) are: GodChild, Hibiki's Magic, Bleach, One Piece, Deathnote, Fruits Basket, Black Cat, Kingdom Hearts, Aria and Aqua (two titles, same manga), Tokyo Mew Mew, +Anima, and that's enough for now. My favorite webcomic is NemuNemu and it is the CUTEST thing on this entire planet, I sware to you! It took me four days of my summer vacation to read the entire thing and it was totally worth it. Ill catch up once a week or so on the newest uploads and I cant get enough. My favorite cosplayers are Kelly and Jenn from JenxtheJinx and TouchMyKeyblade on youtube. Demyx Time, The Sora Show, and Shinra Files are HILARIOUS! Me and one of my besties have quoting wars over facebook and all but one of our inside jokes come from one of those shows. My favorite character ever for all time from any for of media is Kakashi Hatake and then I have tons of other favorite characters tied for second place. One thing that I've noticed after going through all my character 'likes' is that I'm really into guys with silver hair. Kakashi, Jiraiya, Hidan, Jizabel, Prussia, Russia, Huskey, Kazuma, Gin, Toshiro, I could go on an on. It's really weird.

My favorite American TV shows are: Bones, Leverage, Animaniacs, Royal Pains, Scooby Doo, Burn Notice, White Collar, and any documentaries on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, or Animal Plant. In that order.

I'm a total dork, got straight A's in all gifted classes last year, plan to take Honors, AP, and duel enrollment all through highschool (except for math, I suck at math) and major in english in highschool and college. My dream carrier is to work in-house for a publishing company as an editor for however long it takes for me to get enough experiance I can easily live as a freelace editor. I want to live with livestock (chickens, cows, and horses) either in North Carolina or in Big Sky Country. Whether I marry or not, as long as I can support them financially I will adopt a male american teen and one or two asian little girls.

Im going to say right now that I hate Twihards. The plot/concept for the book Twilight is amazing. The book is bad. The movies are horrible. The actors are horrendous. And I just want to shoot the Twihards in the face. Justin Beiber: seems like a cool guy. I dont like his voice and I dont like his lyrics. Harry Potter: I have never read the book. I have listened to the books on tape during long (by long I mean two days long) car rides, I have seen three of the movies, and I have watched (and LOVED) A Very Potter Musical. But I still havent read the books. Avenue Q is the best, and always will be the best, musical there ever was and I am completely devestated that I will never get the chance to see it live. I know all of Kate Monsters singing lines (and tend to sing them in my head during class) and I wish/hope that I can by a REAL and professional DVD of their show to watch.

My hobbies are learning, riding horses, chilling on the computer and hanging with my friends. My main language is english, but this is my fifth (AND LAST) year taking spanish class and I can speak enough to not die in a spanish country. I like listening to music in other languages (From Japanese to Swiss-German to Lithuanian), and I'm really good at picking up pronounciation and accents.

Well, now that you have read all of that my Gaiaonline username is Khana Hatake and my Deviantart is khanashika. If you think you'll get along with me, feel free to add me as a friend.