About me.

Hello, today I am going to rant about Amirite Topics of discusion.
Harry Potter And Twilight:
Before you pass judgements on me, I've read both books, so I think I have a right to say what I want about each. Let's talk about all the Harry Potter posts. WHOEVER THE FUCK IS POSTING THEM NEEDS TO GO BACK TO MLIA! I don't care about your little magic, I don't care about your spells, and I certainly don't give a fuck about the adventures of Harry and friends. HOWEVER, In my opinion, Haryy Potter is better than Twilight. Now here's my question to you; there are millions of books in the world, why the hell do you only post about Harry Potter and Twilight! Fuck any teenage girl who thinks these books are the best things in the world, and hopefully, that means Fuck You!

Religious posts:
Look, I didn't fucking come on this site to have my religion insulted. Whether it's for religion, against it, or neither; Keep your Bullshit off the internet!

Girl Gamers:
Get down off your fucking high horse! You are not "Legit" because you are a female. There are plenty of others just like you who happen to enjoy the act of playing games!

General Amiriters:
Something obvious that I hate, are jokes that are copied from other places. Get your own originality or go home! I MEAN, I also hate it deeply when a post has something to do with some deep shit. Like, "You are beautiful and you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise!" Get the hell out, your shit is supposed to be funny and clever, not deep and meaningful. Bring back the real meaning to the phrase "Am I right?"

Thank you for reading my poorly thought out opinions.