It's extremely insane that something we have found proven to cure some cancers is still illegal.. amirite?

Marijuana is not illegal when prescribed medically. It is however illegal, when purchased at your friendly neighborhood drug dealer.

Nike should never sponsor a suicide hotline, amirite?

Ahhhh! Clever!

You haven't had your first kiss yet. (With someone outside your family). amirite?

Thanks for reminding me. :C

Don't let your affection give you an infection, put some protection on that erection, amirite?

This post contained perfection. It gave my life new direction. Now I'll always have some protection on my erection to avoid infection from Gretchin.

The whole idea of testing is pretty stupid, chances are you'll never be in a situation where you can't use any of your resources to answer questions correctly where the deadline is 50 or so minutes. Amirite?

You're in an alleyway on a dark night. Three rough looking dudes approch you. They stare at you and you at them. As you begin to back up, a fourth thug comes from behind and pushes you forward. He reaches into his pocket with a sly look, then all at once he pulls out a standardized test booklet and a pencil.

Facebook groups such as "God, give us back Ryan Dunn and we'll give you Justin Bieber" are really inconsiderate and disgraceful. Whether you're a Justin Bieber fan or not is irrelevant; nobody deserves death wishes like that, much less a 17 year old kid. amirite?

I see you rollin' anon! But-- haters gonn' hate, potatoes gon' potate.

If you usually dress casually in t-shirts and jeans, it's annoying when you decide to dress up a little one day by, say, wearing a skirt, and people make a huge deal out of it. Amirite?

Being that I'm a man, I think a lot of people would make a big deal out of me popping up in school wearing a skirt.

If you find out that your best friend's boyfriend is going to break up with her, you should tell her, even if you're friends with her boyfriend, amirite?

What the fu- no! Let him do it! A breakup has to be in person. Besides, your friend will probably think you were trying to break them up because you wanted to be in a relationship with him. D-R-A-M-A.

Take a break from Facebook and face a book instead, amirite?

No, I already reddit.

There should be a setting on computers that if your earphones suddenly get ripped out, all music or noise the computer is making stops, amirite?

My computer does that. It just mutes it, it doesn't stop the program or whatever. That way, If I happened to be watching porn and it gets a little rough, and I happen to unplug my earphones, my house won't be lit up with orgasmic noises and women yelling, "Oh fuck my harder."....or men if I'm in that kinda mood.

You remember when petrol cost less than £1 per litre, amirite?

No, because I don't live in Europe.

People are always saying how 12 year olds shouldn't have boyfriends/girlfriends, but they should stop complaining because it's natural instincts. It's natural to get a mate so we can keep the population growing, amirite?

This gave me a laugh. Look, if you want to date when you're 12, go right ahead. However, "mating" as you call it, is something totally different. If you want to get pregnant when you're 12 and drop out of school to raise a child that will be mentally retarded and 6 when you're 18, go ahead. If you want to take a few more english classes so that you can communicate effeciently, go ahead.If you have some Head On, apply directly to the forehead.

It's okay for two girls to practice making out with each other, but weird for two guys to practice, amirite?

So wait, did the people who NW'd NW because they thought the partt about it being okay for 2 girls to practice making out was wrong, or did they NW because they say it is Okay for 2 guys to practice making out?

If Amirite was created by a stereotypical black man, it would probably be called, "YaKnowWhatIMean?" and his name would probably be Antione, amirite?

I was referring to the website. > . >
Amirite isn't an official meme yet. It was also a hypothetical sitiuation, but thanks for taking it seriously.

It would be hilarious if you went into a public restaurant and filled an empty jar of mayo with vanilla pudding and an old windex bottle with gatorade. Then, enjoy your fab lunch infront of everyone. amirite?

Why bother filling the jar with pudding? Eat that mayo like a g- go hard or go home kid!