About me.

Quick Facts about me:
-I'm from the suburbs of Chicago
-White Sox Fan
-I would do anything for my friends
-I come from a HUGE extended family (38 cousins on one side, 15 or so on the other) and love all of them no matter how loud it gets at family parties and how embarrassing they are
-I'm 16 years old
-I'm a math geek (planning on becoming a high school math teacher)
Those are the basics...

My Favorites:
Favorite Websites: Facebook, Amirite, GrouchyRabbit, DearBlankPleaseBlank, DearGirlsAboveMe, and YouTube
Favorite Books: To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harry Potter Series, and Wuthering Heights
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Subject: Math

I like to just relax and read most of the times. I have a lot of fun with my friends, we talk in British accents, watch movies, play Just Dance (1, 2, and Michael Jackson) and take cool pictures using a green screen most of the time.