Storing glasses upside down is a bad idea, because when you get a drink you'll be putting your mouth on something that was touching the bottom of a dusty shelf, amirite?
@MozzerRocker I do know! And congrats on your shelf cleanliness, but for me it's just easier not to worry about it and put the...

So your logic is that all dust that settles on your shelves,would in no way ever, oh i don't know, settle inside the glasses that you are keeping right side up?

It's a good thing that going to the gym is becoming more popular (considering the obesity epidemic), but I really hate having to stand around because someone else is using one of the machines. I know it's good exercise, but I'm not sure it's worth the weight, amirite?

i see what you did thar

People would appreciate The Bible more if it was anime-style. Then again, animating The Bible like Avatar or The Boondocks, with its ton of seasons and episodes within it already, it would be sick and awesome, amirite?

I own an anime version of the bible. :P I got it free and christian summer camp a few years ago..

It annoys you that you always show up on time to appointments and yet, you always have to wait 30 minutes just because somebody else didn't care to show up on time. It's like, why do I even bother showing up on time anymore? amirite?

That's what the guy before you thought...

One of the ways Twilight is cool is because Bella loves Jacob even though he's Indian, while in Harry Potter, there are only white people, because I guess J K Rowling just doesn't like people who aren't white. Just one reason Twilight is better, amirite?

I feel like OP is trolling... or I'm sad for humanity...

It would have been pretty funny if Steve Jobs' life support cable was too short to reach his bed and he had to sit on the floor, amirite?

I'm left handed and that's just another reason I love macbooks <3 :P

Your happy meals from McDonald's never actually came in a red box that had a yellow handle and smiley-face....that is, IF you ever even got a box. amirite?

I never got a box. Stupid Canada. :(

Its weird to think that we could not use websites for their intended purposes. I mean, if we all band together, we could easily just use this website for sharing pie recipes, amirite?

Challenge Accepted.

You have to wet the toothpaste AFTER it's on the brush or else it just feels wierd against your teeth, amirite?

As opposed to wetting the toothpaste before it's on the brush.

Men will give love for sex, while women will give sex for love, amirite?

Well that's convienient.

It is absolutely awesome when a show that you like comes back from a season break. amirite?

Modern Family, Glee and Survivor. :D

2,4,6,8! Chastity is good! Sex can wait! Improvise and masturbate! amirite?

2,4,6,8 how the hell did this get homepaged?

The pun is mightier than the sword, amirite?

I see what you did thar. :3

If I try hard enough, I can get a really big patronus. All I have to do is think of happy things. amirite?
@deeviant I substituted the word patronus with erection.. And this is why I should keep away from amirite past midnight.

I thought that was the point of the post.. And that is why I should stay away from Amirite at all hours..