The right Twix vs. left Twix ad campaign is a great way to get people with OCD to buy two Twix bars instead of just one. amirite?

I don't know much about OCD but no

"Son of a bitch" is a common insult but nobody ever says "daughter of a bitch", amirite?

It's too wordy. That extra syllable feels very long.

It is impossible to look cool while using a shoe horn. amirite?
Hate seeing fat parents with fat kids, amirite?

then i hope you cry about it

You're fooling no one when taking a 15 minute nap, then walking out of your room wearing only one sock. amirite?
@Haha I'm glad. I hope it's US CST where you are, leaving 3 mins til the next day starts. If so, glad I made your...

It's like 8 AM but I haven't slept, home alone, and don't have a life so it really doesn't matter. Might as well be 12 right now.

Being a cunt is much more socially acceptable than calling someone a cunt, amirite?
@Sorry eh.

laughed at this one thanks.

Question- Do blind people ever dream about people moving their stuff and then they walk around running into things? Honest curiosity. amirite?

Unless someone tells them, no blind people can reply.

It is impossible to look cool while using a shoe horn. amirite?
The most memorable things we do in life are the unnecessary things we do. amirite?

people sure like a good "ceremony".

Sometimes trying to go to bed is slower than usual because your brain has too many tabs open, amirite?

harry potter theme tune starts playing

Yer a computer ‘arry

Anybody who tells you they never lie is indeed, a liar. amirite?

If somebody actually always told the truth, people would hate them.

With everyone wearing masks, life has probably gotten a lot tougher for deaf people. amirite?

Yup, absolutely :(

You're officially old when professional athletes younger than you start retiring, amirite?
@Pokketts Or when all of your doctors are younger than you

i'm getting a procedure from a doc around my age tomorrow and i just don't trust people my age lol

A company that is bad for the environment was named after the Amazon forest. amirite?

How's Amazon bad for the environment?

There might be fewer divorces if men replace the word wife with girlfriend during the vows. amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Why? Is your relationship so pathetic that you need to prove your love to each other with an expensive ass wedding...

Actually I dont want a wedding. I can't stand weddings, I feel sorry for women who think that big ass expense validates thier social status. See I too think they are useless. Better to use that money for a down payment on a house. I would prefer to go to the JP and have an intimate group of loved ones come to witness. Secondly, wooooooweeeeee you need to check yourself. You made massive assumptions based off me saying after 7.5 years my BF doesnt want to get married. I have my priorities straight.