About me.

I like going on the internet n' such, like every body else.
I like cats. A Shi'ite ton.
I say "Shi'ite" instead of shit because.... Wait. Why do i? meh, who cares?
Uhhh.. music. i like music.
I program stuff on my computer in my spare time.
I'm not much of a people person.
I'm shy, and don't really like meeting new people.
I'm updating my Amirite profile because i have nothing to do.
I'm probably getting stalked right now.
I play soccer.
I play clarinet.
I play piano.
I play guitar... Kinda.
Did i mention i like music?
I like shooting guns, but dislike shooting animals or living creatures.
I'm defiantly being stalked if You have read this far.
I'm agnostic, but Buddhism is a pretty awesome religion.
I'm a pacifist.
Artificial intelligence interests me.
I like Mountain Dew. It's delicious. Especially blue.
Blue is a cool color. Literally and metaphorically.
Logic is fun.
I want to paint "Influence" On top of my car, so if i get pulled over i can say "I'm driving under the 'influence.'"
"I laugh in the face of danger!"
The lion king is a good movie.
I want to see african cats.
Siberian Tigers are amazing.
Tigers in general are amazing.
Why are you reading this much about my weird obsessions?
You are weird.
You enjoy reading random facts about someone you most likely do not know.
Don't worry, I don't know you either, so i guess it makes us even?
You are probably getting confused.
This is getting rather long.
You must like reading.
I know three facts about you without ever meeting you, isn't that weird?
No? ok...
I must be really bored right now.
You probably are too. Thats 4 facts about you.
I'm smart, but lazy.
My grade point average is like 3.5-ish
My current grades are A,A,A,A,B.
School is annoying.
I'm a hypocrite sometimes.
But not as much as most people...
I don't see the point in doing mind altering substances.
I dislike it when people use illogical fallacies.
I'm...Er... Running out of things to put in here.

I argue a lot, even though I don't really like to, because I feel that arguing to change peoples views is not right to do. However, when people are so ignorant, and unmindful that other opinions DO in fact exist, I cannot help myself and show them their faults, and show them that people do think differently then themselves. I tend to argue quite a bit with christian extremists because they are very ignorant, one sided, and hypocritical. I find it funny to hear their arguments because of how horribly off base they are sometimes. I also debate about abortion a lot, and drug legalization. I find it funny that people turn down the idea of the universe being created by the big bang; essentially making nothing out of something.. when the christian faith states the same thing. Think about it.