Earth is the entire Star Wars galaxy all compacted into one planet, amirite?

Minus Jedi, cool aliens and the Force.

One man could impregnate every woman on the planet, amirite?

What about trans women + infertile females? ;)

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

Right you are

Mr Bean has never performed an unsuccessful surgery, amirite?
@Appliedproc Neither have I.

But have you performed one? He has

Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?
@Then unless you are wearing a mask at home too, the mask is useless.

Masks are suggested in outside your home. "If" you have virus and you don't know(you could be asymptotic) you will minimize the spread by wearing the mask. Masks are for you not to spread virus to others not the other way around. Unless it's N95 mask then you are protected 99% but still have 1% chance.

In-n-out is the most ironically named fast food brand, amirite?
Parents may not love one child more than the other, but they like one better. amirite?
As long as men supply the money the women will supply the onlyfans, amirite?

Sounds like you know from experience.

Adolf H. is actually Lord Voldermort but irl, since he's blacklisted on the most of social media and people use you-know-who expression instead, amirite?

Does that mean that he's in some forest somewhere feeding of animals to gain strength?

There is supposedly a surplus of potatoes, yet they are very expensive. amirite?

That's because they're ripping us off. It doesn't end.

You can't swallow whilst breathing out. amirite?

Yes, because otherwise you would aspirate anything you were swallowing.

When you "check in" a hotel room, you're taking possession of the room. But when you "check in" a file, you're losing possession of the file. amirite?


The hotel checks you in because hotels are filing cabinets for people.

If humans could shed their skin (like snakes), we'd do some pretty messed up things with it. amirite?
@Lol gross

But interesting.

If humans could shed their skin (like snakes), we'd do some pretty messed up things with it. amirite?
@Sybersonic Mmm free chips

You, my creepy little friend, have an scary mind.

I approve!

Living life in your mid-to-late 20s is a consistent daily argument with yourself on whether you're old or young, amirite?

Keep having the argument until your body quits, who cares what the number says.