Your parents have embarassing laughs, amirite?
don't you miss the good old days when you actully had to work to find every thing on a game instead of using cheats. amirite?

Nearly no games have cheats anyways now.

the older we get, the faster the years seem to go by, amirite?

If I remember correctly, your perception of time increases as you age, making things seem to go by faster. Something like that.

Immortality would me miserable after a while. You'd have to leave any area when people realized you weren't getting older and the world would just be boring so saying "I hope you die" is a good thing, amirite?
@Inertia is a property of matter,

Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye, the science guy!

you've seen some things you really wish you hadn't, amirite?

Pain Olympics. Nothing can compare.

You are in the top half of your class intelligence-wise. amirite?

In math, no. History or English, yes.

In any series of three, the first one and the last one are the best, and the second is only half decent. amirite?

Halo 2 was great.

When you tell someone that you don't want anything for your birthday, you still secretly hope that they get you something, no matter how adamint you were about not wanting anything, amirite?

When I saw the word adamant, first thing I thought was +Attack, -Sp.attack nature. POKEMON WILL DO THAT TO YOU.

Playing with YuGiOh cards is not just for little kids, it's perfectly acceptable if high schoolers find it fun and play it too, amirite?

What kind of fool would say no? It's not like their hurting anyone. Hell, my brother who's in college still plays pokemon.

Everything with hair on them, except our heads, looks and feels disgusting, amirite?

I enjoy my hairy toes...

It's fun yet a little confusing to listen to drummers try to describe a beat to each other- "So, does it go like, bum-bum-ch-ch-bum-bum-buh-ch?" "No man, it's more like buh-dum-ch-ch-bum-bum-buh-ch-ch!", amirite?
You can't stand being paralyzed, amirite?

I just YYA'd this because I was thinking of being paralyzed in Pokemon.

Hey OP, go to, it's just like amirite.

If you've ever gotten straight A's before, it's an awesome feeling, amirite?

Does straight C's count? :(