About me.

Some useless facts about me:
I tend to be more outgoing on the internet, for obvious reasons. In real life, I'm pretty shy and reserved.
As far as music goes, I can listen to anything. I'm in no way a music elitist, and listen to pop hits occasionally for fun.
History and language has always been a big thing for me. I cannot go to the library without getting at least one history book/documentary.
I do not understand technology at all.
The only branch of science I really enjoy is astronomy, but biology's pretty cool too.
With religion, I'm extremely tolerant. I used to be a Christian believer, but recently decided that agnosticism is the route for me.
I love Disney movies. If that makes me immature, so be it. My favorite princess is Rapunzel.
Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing/sketching, researching, spending hours on the internet, debating, sometimes I like sports. I'm pretty uneventful.