About me.

Hey I'm a mod here on Amirite. Feel free to msg me about anything. If you have any concerns about posts / comments on any questions about Amirite feel free to message me!

Gamer, writer, former student, daydreamer, football fan (Manchester United supporter), I also love films and the theatre. I've been in the games industry for around seven years now (eight if you include being a part time sales assistant in a Gamestation), still enjoy it and struggle to imagine getting myself a "real job". I currently work from home for a few games companies.

My username is both a reference to the main character from Death Note (he's male also). Some people wrongly assumed she was named after the main character in Death Note, so I read the Mangas as curiosity got the better of me. They're pretty good.

My favourite game genre is RPGs but I tend to be a story driven gamer, so will enjoy games from many genres so long as there's a decent plot/setting (love Bioshock, Dishonored, Heavy Rain and the classic Square/Square Enix games).

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