About me.

Kailey (pronounced Kay-lee)(not Kyleigh)(If you call me Kyleigh I will not hesitate to thump you)(That's right I said thump you)

Almost 17. No ideas for college. No plan as to how to get the money. No job. No boyfriend. No future. But hope. Hope that this will all change. Hope that my life will be wonderful if I can just make it through high school.

I want to do something in computer graphics or around that area. I'm pretty good with photoshop.

I look emo. My friends say it, my family says it, heck my pets are probably thinking it. But I'm not I promise. I guess I just have that look about me.

Mayday Parade, Forever the Sickest Kids, The Academy is, All Time Low, Adam Lambert, New Found Glory, Sparks the Rescue, Linkin Park, Lights, and One Direction is my guilty pleasure. Can I help that I'm attracted to hot British boys in skinny jeans???

The Hunger Games series, The Mortal Instruments series, The Harry Potter series, The Percy Jackson series, The Divergent series, The River of Time series, The Maximum Ride series, The Host, Perfect Chemistry, Dear John, My Sister's keeper, Thirteen Reasons Why, Along for the Ride, Before I Fall, Wither, basically all of Nicholas Sparks's books and Jodi Piccoult's, and adding more and more all the time :P

I'm not really picky. My favorite romantic comedy is 27 dresses. I love Katherine Heigl. She's my acting role model. I love any and all superhero movies as well as disaster flicks. Of course though, being a girl I still have a soft spot for romance.